December 25, 2016

The Last Big Christmas Lie

From Jim Host, over at The Gateway Pundit, here's a Yule-Wrecker in the form of that piece of shit, slack-jawed, soon-to-be-in-our-rearviews POTUS, his [final] Christmas message:

It's absolutely incredible that this mouth-breather has the audacity to twist the truth like he does. I mean, this is such a teaming load that it just screams to be dissected.

Fortunately, Jim is more than up to the task:

Under Obama more than 94 million Americans are out of work – the highest level ever in American history. Food stamps are at all time highs and Obama’s GDP Growth rate is the 4th lowest of the more than 40 Presidents in American history and worst in nearly a century. American home ownership is the lowest in nearly 50 years and US federal debt has never been higher with Obama nearly doubling the amount from all the prior Presidents combined to nearly $20 trillion. Americans will be burdened with $10 trillion in Obama debt for decades to come.

Obama’s health insurance program is a mess with year after year of grossly increasing premiums for Americans everywhere. Young people have to pay huge Obamacare premiums or get hit with large tax penalties for not buying insurance. It was not what it was promised and insurance companies are dropping out due to solvency concerns.

America is less respected worldwide due to Obama being blamed for the mess in the Middle East in Libya, Syria and Iraq. Obama’s actions created ISIS and millions have been murdered, raped, beheaded or misplaced during the Obama years while he did nothing to help. Instead Obama gave billions to Iran and turned his back on Israel.

January 20th cannot come soon enough!

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  1. Barack's opinion of himself doesn't square with the facts, but then again, when did a prog care about facts? I'm sure he'll curl up in his onesie with his therapy pet and his theories and bitterly badmouth a racist nation for repudiating his legacy - naturally because he's 1/2 black.