November 7, 2016

Unholy Duo..

So, Trump scared the shit out of HRC yesterday by barnstorming her "firewall states" of MI, PA, VA, etc. and forced her to drag out these two scrotum-headed pair of losers.

Gotta tell you that I love seeing that cheeseburger sucking prick, Michael Moore, because he keeps getting more and more like The Hindenburg each day: large and full of gas! The cool thing is that he will soon be broke because the $6,000 per week health/diet clinics he keeps going to don't seem to be working.

Still in all, I wish both would seriously see about having a person-to-person with Janet Reno.

..and, in other great news of the day, the San Fran-fucking-cisco 49ers are 1-7 after getting thumped by the NOLA Aints. (I Just peeked. I don't watch the NFL anymore and I don't by the products that advertise with them and I hope they all end up communing with Janet Reno and these two immense wastes-of-skin!

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you, War Planner...when one has to resort to Jessie Jackson and Michael Moore to send the message, one is out of options.