November 15, 2016

The Young Turds Gag On Their Kristallnacht

O.K., I am going with the Hitler meme here, but it sure does a body good to see these assholes slide into abject misery from the giddy heights of their expectations that Clintoon will prevail. Advisory: make sure you have the Orville Redenbacher popped and at least thirty minutes of your favorite beverage at hand. Also, if you plan on playing a drinking game, take a sip for every F-bomb they drop when things begin to go South. You will be blasted at about the twenty minute mark!

Pay special attention to the idiot Latina who is shriekingly full of herself and the fact that she co-owns the same plumbing as Hillary. And, at the same time, catch this Steven Oh guy. The before and after from totally exuberant to darkly suicidal is pure, distilled 90 proof schadenfreude.


  1. The drinking game is appropriate here.

    Women outnumber men in America. They could have voted for the despicable old hag, but they didn't.

  2. I just keep watching this over and over. Hilarious!

  3. ever notice how liberals start dropping f-bombs when they don't get their way?

  4. Gary,

    welcome and thank you for the comments. By the way, meet LL above. He is a long time friend and faithful visitor. I post my mewlings and LL always responds while I skitter off to something else and don't show the courtesy to return the comment at times.

    You make a salient observation re the propensity for libs to resort to crudity at the drop of a hat. It is particularly prevalent with the terminally annoying 3rd wave feminist SJWs who think it's perfectly acceptable to get in people's faces and scream at them (as well as physically assault them).

    Sadly, at that point, they have waived all considerations as a woman and are, I believe, eligible to be cold-cocked.