November 1, 2016

Added benefit..FREE and no extra cost..

Mrs War Planner and I have been remarking on the difference the first families will make once The Lawn Jockey POTUS leaves and takes his Stevedore-Armed FLOTUS from their slave-built public housing and Trump wins.

Here's Ben Garrison's take on the FLOTUS situation:

And, sadly enough, here's the for reals:

And a few pictures of the departing tenants and prospective tenants to make you all weepy and sad:


  1. The Trumps will need to steam clean and fumigate the White House before moving in.

  2. Just rip out the rugs an drapes; and send the furniture to Goodwill.
    Then, spray it down with industrial - strength Febreeze. That should do the trick.
    Gad! Who wants to occupy that place without a thorough stripping and cleaning?

  3. ..thanks for the comments, gents. Trump visits the WH today. Wonder if he'll be checking the light switches, carpeting, etc.?

    You gotta love the man's determination to take on all this abuse *and* willingly move into public housing (built by slaves) and inhabited the previous eight years by those slobs.

    Sure hopes he rips out The Wookie's fucking vegetable garden and replants grass!