March 21, 2016

Justce Jeanine FTW! (Yet again) and a start on Huge Hewittless..

The life of an old soldier (as I euphemistically think of myself) is a dreary one. I have become the zwieback-gumming old codger who shuffles down to the diner with my child-bride, Hoovers up my meatloaf and mashed potato special, returns home and totters over to the couch to digest and watch the pathetic offerings that is weekend TV.

One of the few bright spots in the tattered political commentary that comprise the fabric of the once-proud Fox News is Justice [with] Judge Jeanine [Pirro] who aims her caustic blowtorch at those who would thwart the people's hopes and dreams for a square shake from the Ruling Class in DC. This is yet another in her long line of defenses of Donald Trump as being the people's choice versus the Beltway Insider/Consultant Class/Lobbyists comfy get-along-go-along sycophants. Here she dismembers turdbags like Mitt[ens] Romney and the rest for actually trying to disrupt the will of their party members.

..and, it what might be one of the more interesting "coming out parties", she interviews Scott Baio, former actor and now producer and Hollywood executive. It has been long known that Mr Baio is a conservative but what he has to say about The Donald going to Washington "to blow things up" is bracing!

I do not believe I have heard ANYONE distill my feelings for my support for Donald Trump any more clearly and succinctly as this. I believe I am getting moist.

That said, I have been doing some thinking on what is most revolting about the DC establishment (as LL likes to call them, "Our Betters") and probably the face of these is the conceit and condescension embodied in that tool of Salem Radio commentary, Hugh Hewitt, hereinafter referred to as "Huge Hewittless".

In a previous "placeholder post" I mentioned that it was time to distill and crystallize my feelings about this sack of bovine offal and, to that end, I wanted to start up a thread over at HotGas.Net to elicit input from others as to how they felt.

Note down below that there's a request to start a grumble thread on the Living Dead and wanted to weigh in with a similar request. Well, not exactly. Let me explain:

As some of you know, I am not a big fan of Hugh Hewitt ("Huge Hewittless" as I call him) as I consider him to be the smug, condescending, vapid face of all that is RINO and GOPe and MSG. Of course, my already milli-regard (10−3) for him descended to femto-regard (10−15) when he did his "who is the leader of.." number on Trump during an interview on his show. But, since the re-election of the Dickless Pharaoh, I had come to see what a game these folks like him and Benson and Shapiro and the other pompous, vainglorious pricks were running as members of the Beltway Insider/Consultant/Lobbyist ruling/chattering class.

So, since I am an insecure, sniveling little weasel, I wonder it mightn't be possible to elicit similar reactions amongst the HotGas Family at one of these nightly soirees?

Hell; don't even mind it if you use the opportunity to tell me to get stuffed -- so long as you provide a reason or reasons why you think I am all wet.

But, in the main, it's clear that Pat Caddell passed up a golden opportunity to cold-cock this trouser-snake when they appeared on Hannity's show that time long ago.

So, let the games begin!

..and my sincere thanks!

Well, while it has to be conceded that Hewittless has considerable int the way of credentials and I used to be a big fan of his, it is clear that he is a firm tool of the GOPe and is, generally a limp-dicked fawning toadie of his DC masters somewhat approaching -- insofar as I am concerned -- the veracity of Baghdad Bob.

It is also fair to say that, if Donald J. Trump becomes the next POTUS, watching Hewittless's head explode will be one of the thrills derived as a result of this bloodless coup.



  1. Lots of heads will be exploding if The Donald moves into the Oval Office, not just Hugh's. Chuck Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, George Will, and of course Fred Barnes and William Crystal. Lots of heads blowing up out there in neo-con land.

  2. The Judge (is hot) has a way of expressing herself unambiguously. She's a definite fresh breeze in a world of fetid back room Washington air.

  3. Gentlemen,

    I hope they all die and go to hell with a hard-on. As inferred above, my disdain for The Witless One reached its zenith in the last two weeks when an unexpected punch of radio push buttons landed me on KRLA 870 during the evening drive. Listening to this squishy prick patronize his listeners and delude them into thinking that Ka-Sick and Cruz will do ANYTHING to make the DC insiders vapor-lock.

    I got nothing against Cruz except he has been co-opted by the GOPe. Ka-Sick is shrewdly reading between the lines, if you read the mewlings he utters during press-conferences.

    Frankly, I think Ka-Sick will be Trump's VPOTUS selection and Cruz will get the empty SCOTUS seat.