March 21, 2016

Hanging with the Commie and the Commie POTUS

What goes around comes around, as they say. So our Lawn Jockey POTUS with the shriveled testicles decides -- in the last ten months of his POTUS-hood -- to kiss [the ass of] and make up with the crotch-hair-bearded dictator who has been a pain in the read of U. S. presidents since our little trouser snake was a babe in swaddling clothes back in Indonesia.

(I mean, Preezy Dickhead hasn't had a commie butt to smooch since that fat tub of goo, Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela had his asshole rot out with cancer and started his dirt nap three years ago. Sean Penn is still waddling around in that back mourning dress and veil.)

Anyway, the BusHitler crowd used to revel in misconstruing the "Mission Accomplished" sortie that "W" flew when he zipped out to meet the Abraham Lincoln sailing back into San Diego after returning form the Gulf. Those pencil-neck geeks never did get it right, anyway. It was "Mission Accomplished for the Abe Lincoln -- NOT "W" and his war in Iraq. But they never let the facts get in the way of a good story, do they.

So now Drudge has deliciously turned it around on them with this photo:

Don't you just love how he is standing up there on the stage with all his cronies and the decrepit old building in the background and the grey skies and the slum environs of Havana. Shit, it sure did not look as gloomy when Michael Corleone visited, did it?

Maybe they can re-build a few casinos, bars and strip joints and re-animate Batista to get a little life back down there?

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  1. The Dou(che)bag photo is one of the greatest of the Obama Presidency. Somebody needed to toss him from a pier in a weighted bag at birth---but we're stuck with the TWO TERM president as part of our historical shame and legacy.