January 9, 2013

Lend a helping hand..

Continuing in my less-than-full-of-the-milk-of-human-kindness mode (see previous post), here's something I was sent this by one of our brothers in the network. The background preamble:
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a double edge sword. What goes around comes around. Please pass this on. She's the anti-gun Liberal Moron publisher that recently passed along every concealed carry gun owner and their address, from her New York County, in her newspaper, for ALL to see. That's what Liberals do.......soooooo let's return the favor!
Here's the meat of the post:

..so, I thought I'd do what little I could to accommodate this request. If you want, rip this puppy off and put it on your blog or send it to some of your friends.

Better yet, give this stupid beyotch a call in the middle of the night and ask her what a subscription to her goddam newspaper would be.

FINAL THOUGHT: She sure looks like 40 miles of bad road, don't she?


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