January 29, 2013

Going nowhere..

I am in a rotten mood, folks! It comes when you are paid zippoid to run a serious search-and-rescue unit that takes federal dollars to engage in a regimen of training and then half of the staff behave like it's a garden club and/or poetry society while the other half raise trivial issues and bleat about low-priority annoyances.

To hell with it!

..thanks for allowing me a steam-blowing, tangential rant. So, on to more wonderfuller things! It seems as though Senator Diane Finkelstein's AWB is going to take a few laps around the bowl and descend into the maelstrom. And, if you look closely, you'll notice that these baby blues are not exactly welling up. Frankly, I hope the woman succumbs to a blistering case of terminal hemorrhoids.

That said, this lovely little piece of incoming shrapnel landed in my bunker and stuck in one of the sandbags:
Brilliant way to put it. But because of the common sense aspect of it, no one in Washington will pay attention.

A person steals guns, (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), shoots and kills his own mother (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), transports these guns loaded (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), brings guns onto school property (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), breaks into the school (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), discharges the weapons within city limits (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), murders 26 people (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW), and commits suicide (WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW).

And there are people in this country that somehow think passing ANOTHER LAW Banning guns would protect us from someone like this. If you haven't noticed, people like this are not concerned about breaking laws - they only care about fulfilling their own twisted agenda.

The only people that a gun ban law would impact are the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, which will only serve to cripple the ability to protect ourselves.


  1. Spectacular post, WP. I love the quote.

  2. Diane Fineswine's hand looks like something off an unwrapped mummy.

  3. Madam and sir!

    You are my solace -- and far too kind!

  4. Exactly correct.
    The sad truth is these jerks in DC are using this terrible act of mass murder to promote their rotten agenda to disarm America. Too bad the media is complacent and refuse to do their job.

  5. You are all over it with this post!

  6. I have a feeling her laws won't affect many people as she thinks.

  7. Somebody needs to convince Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel of this fact of life.

    His unarmed town (or at least, the law abiding citizens in his unarmed town) are getting mowed down by murderers packing illegal heat left and right.

    He's lost control of things entirely, and gangs now rule half his city.

    I'm just wondering who the 'eff-ing retard' is in Chicago, anyway (using Rahm's own words).

  8. What a frightening picture. Glad I don't wake up to that!