July 29, 2012

Don't try this at home..

..I am a professional!

I just got into shooting black powder revolvers. You know this; I posted this earlier. (He said in a cheap, shameless attempt to amp blog hits.) That said, I got a holster from Cabela's for my 1858 Remington .44 and my son's 1860 Colt Army. If you need one, I highly recommend the Triple K model the sell.

It is about $25, they don't charge you shipping (ends October 1st) if you "join their club", I don't have to give a cut to that burned out old Hippie, Jerry Brown, and they are not as stiff as you might think. A little hot water and the pistol -- covered with a plastic baggie, of course -- inserted is all that is necessary to form an excellent fit.

I got the burgundy color as shown above but did not get the matching belt. After spending the day heading around SoCal looking for something suitable, I am relenting and going to throw in for the belt. (Same financial reasons as above.)

Well, in looking at the offering on Cabela's this morning, I came across this review:
..so many straight lines, so little time. I'll just leave you with these thoughts: some people just cannot master complicated machinery and maybe someone in the "Show Me" state needs to get with that poor unfortunate and explain to him how to operate a belt buckle.


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  1. they are used to just useing rope. i am from AR and should know