July 21, 2012

Just because..

Screw the towel heads; it's Ramadan again. It's a holiday that seems to come up every three weeks whether we need it or not. Anyway, I stumbled onto these guys thanks to my Brother-in-Arms over on Hot Gas, schadenfreude:

It's good stuff. I think I am going to track down their other efforts and spring for their songs or CDs or whatever and support them. Although I am sure they did not build their business themselves, we need to keep free enterprise going in this country..

..and give a giant Foxtrot Uniform to Obama and his crowd of pimple-popping slimebags.

By the way, if you ever get over to Hor Gas, visit the threads and look for schadenfreude. He has morphed into a tidbit-generating daemon and is, generally en fuego. A true treasure and resource! Here is a sample of his work:
They are Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen, the former a very sane D, used to work for Carter (don’t hold it against him – he is really one of the nicest Ds around), the latter is a pollster and analyst. They are both very nice gents, on Fox a lot (this makes the leftists sizzle) and they dare be objective, criticize the Ds for their incredible idiocies. They are the Kennedy type Ds, the sane ones, of which there are very few left. Kennedy, if he’d get to look back, would instantly die again at what insanity he’d observe in what used to be his party.

Keep an eye out for the two gents. You will likely agree. They are both smart too, meaning they use their brains and don’t spew marching orders. They think for themselves.

Schadenfreude on July 21, 2012 at 11:44 PM


  1. My Marine Corps buddy (who left a leg in Iraq due to an IED) sent me this ringtone a while back. Seems to fit nicely with the theme of this blog post.

  2. innominatus: thank you for that! It is wa-a-a-a-a-y cool! It goes on my phone ASAP.

    God bless your Marine friend. My heart breaks for him. Thank him for me for his service and sacrifice.

    And God Damn to Hell the bastards that did that to him. I will pray daily that they get sent to meet their 72 virgin goats courtesy of a 0317 manning an M40A5.