June 1, 2012

They Audacity of Hype: Halo Pictures

I am sure you've seen them. they started out when this asswipe started leaking into the kens of the mentally-and-emotionally challenged feelings-based members of our society back in late 2007. Those who hungered and thirsted for a messiah to deliver us from the evils of Bush and the Republicans turned their hearts over to the jugeared pantload Chicago Jesus POTUS.

Soon they began popping up all over, these digital manifestations of all of this rock-star swooning: the picture of Obama with a halo behind his head. I could run a series of them -- in increasing order of abject fawning and reverence -- but I am sure you are either reqading this while consuming your breakfast, a mid-day snack, lunch, or anchovy pizza and I would not want to upset your consumption of victuals.

But they're out there in all their glory, lurking, waiting for some tingly-legged swooner to turn over their mortgage and car payment bills to.

Not comes this latest offense, an adoring photog silhouetted President Turd Bag's shadow against the Viet Nam wall and included the obligatory halo:

Now I suppose -- photographically -- there's no way you could get an image like that without a flash halo, but still, it's particularly offensive to me that this American-hating, socialist pig with no military service nor a shred of love for our military would deign to cast his sordid shadow on an obsidian-black memorial whereon the names of 55,000 heroes who gave their all for this country -- including my college room mate, Corporal Terry Ogami, and my high school classmate, 1LT Garrett Eddy.

As with so many things this consummate fool and his tongue-bathing followers have done, it is wildly inappropriate to the point of being vomit-inducing.


..and get your friends and neighbors, comrades and mates, and anyone you can out to vote and eradicate this stain from the fabric of our government.

PERSONAL AND NOT-SO-PRIVATE REMIDER-TO-SELF:  Here is a sample of what one of the more insidious trolls over at HG had to say along these lines. (Not rogerb but that slimeball, angryed.)
Never forget what is underneath. Things like:
People join the military because they have nothing else. It’s a depository for those without a place in normal society. It’s a career for the uneducated who like to play with guns. In other words, your typical rural area in Arkansas or Alabama.
angryed on May 10, 2012 at 2:15 PM
rogerb on June 1, 2012 at 1:20 PM
..roger, I never saw that comment; thanks for re-posting it. If that assshole ever shows up here again we ought to remind him what a festering piece of camel afterbirth he is.
Excuse me, but I am livid. If angryed ever mugged, beaten, robbed, contracts colon cancer, and gets run over by a garbage truck, I will search the ends of the earth for his final resting place, go there, and take a massive dump on his grave.
The guy is a sniveling, rotten piece of filth.
Note to Ed: sorry if my rant is bannable. I am just very disjointed that someone would actually admit to what that bastid said.
The War Planner on June 1, 2012 at 1:44 PM


  1. I understand.

    This guy never spent a day in the military, loathes it as much as Clinton ever did (and more), but your longing for justice will come in a short 5 months.

    The guy is going to lose in a landslide.

    On the downside, he is probably coming back to my neck of the woods, Chicago, to continue to wreak havoc on taxpayers. You know, to help Rahm shake down whatever suckers avoided 'Tiny Dancer's' moves.

  2. He never found anything in his life worth fighting. The closest thing would be his morning latte.