May 29, 2016

Time to differentiate..

Consider this video of a father protecting his son from anti-Trump protesters in San Diego this past week:

(Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.)

And then there's this video of students in Mexico City speaking their mind to a cardboard cut-out of The Donald:

Again, conflating Trump's positions with racism because..why, exactly? Help me out here. I am confused.

Of course, their opinions are valid and some are well-reasoned and sans the vitriol of their ILLEGAL protesting countrymen in El Norte. We understand the problems and drugs in Mexico and would be happy to help were the government of that country AT EVERY LEVEL not so corrupt. As to Donald Trump's so-called racism, he has LEGALLY employed many Americans of Hispanic descent and given them opportunities. Let me repeat: He LEGALLY EMPLOYEES them; he does not steal from the American people and provide ILLEGAL ALIENS with benefits we pay for with our taxes.

Moreover, your people who come to our country as ILLEGAL ALIENS only look at El Norte as a way to get a quick (albeit hard-earned) buck and who send the money back to your impoverished country. I know and respect a great many Hispanics in this country -- illegal and legal -- who do work hard and try to escape the corruption, cartels, and oppressive poverty that is extant in Mexico. I am sympathetic as well. But, until the people of Mexico take steps to eliminate the corruption and elect a government that rightfully and honorably protect their people, your country will be a teeming morass of folks chasing mordidas and drug money payouts. And it will not be a problem that our country and our people are obligated to solve -- unless the cross-border traffic imperils our citizens and our economic interests.

By the way, Trump wants to fix immigration so that more can come into this country, share in its bounty, and make us great. Up here, most of us Trump supporters honor any immigrant from any land so long as they have a commitment to family, loved ones, a decent life -- and to America first.

Would you rather your impoverished countrymen have a better opportunity at legal status where they would be paid a decent wage for their efforts or continue to be "imported" by the Dem/GOPe Uniparty who exploit your expatriate citizens for their votes and ever-cheapening labor?

(Oh, as long as we're on the subject of working in a foreign country, how should I go about seeking employment in Mexico? Should I just head down across the border to Ensenada and fill out an employment app at a local hotel or bar? Or do I have to apply for a work visa or other legally recognized government immigrant work status? And, come to think about it, how's the Mexican/Guatemala immigrant issue working out for you all? Compare an contrast, snowflakes.)

May 28, 2016

Katie Couric gets her perky little tits caught in a wringer..

So this stunning cunt got caught in a cunning stunt (get it?) during her recently released "Under the Gun" anti-gun documentary for editing in nine seconds of silence after a pregnant question was asked. James O'Keefe jumped ugly on this over on a recent Hot Gas post that "reacquainted me with this little act of desperation and it is recommend you visit there for some truly righteous comments regarding this stunning cunt's cunning stunt.

The original was exposed by FNC and roundly commented on by Howard Kurz:

Adding some time to let people chew on the poignancy of the question, my ass!

Frankly, it's shit like this that neuters the anti-gunners' arguments. Who knows what other journalistic shit she may have pulled? Now her entire video is down the terlet.

May 27, 2016

Frotzing Nancy-boy Lawn Jockey POTUS invades Asia..

..well, well, well. Seems our frotzing Nancy-boy Lawn Jockey POTUS is mincing around Asia butt-smooching/hugging/fellating all manner of Orientals and profusely apologizing for all of our transgressions (real or imagined) in that mysterious corner of the world.

You will note the photo above how -- like all of the other shots with him and furrin' dignitaries -- he's turned sideways in the pic while the furriner is facing straight on like he does not give a fetid shit.

Also, to clear the record, as I have mentioned a bajillion times, Ms War Planner is a born-again daughter of the Land of the Rising Yen and, while Hiroshima and Nagasaki loom in their memories over there, they are also beset with uneasy feelings over how Japan comported itself in Korea, China, and the South Pacific in the 30s and during WWII.

That ship has sailed, they are among our staunchest allies, and many wish to move on and not pick at the 50-60 year old scab like this piece of shit does.

Oh, and how do the Japanese regard Obama? Well, in his first few years, they were all dazzled like most of the World was. But after a couple of trips through town mouthing his empty platitudes and promises and then going to South Korea and selling the Japanese out to them, they see him for the empty suit he really is.

Abe cannot tolerate him.

May 26, 2016

Tough choice..

May 24, 2016


Predictable outrage via NBC from a Washington Beacon article:
"NBC Calls Trump Attacks on Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals ‘Another Low’"

NBC News called presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s most recent attacks on former president Bill Clinton’s alleged past sexual transgressions “another low” in the 2016 presidential campaign on Tuesday.

NBC correspondent Peter Alexander reported on the most recent spat between Trump and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on the Today show when he detailed the real estate mogul’s most recent allegations against the former first couple.

“It’s only May, but this race is hitting another low: Donald Trump’s latest attack on the Clintons, revisiting decades-old allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called tawdry,” Alexander said.
..exit question: when one is discussing septic tanks, how does one avoid talking about shit?

May 23, 2016

Coming together at last..

I read somewhere yesterday a comment where someone sarcastically mentioned the pundits saying Trump could not win because he was upside down "with lesbian Eskimos who owned parakeets" or other specious polls. Typical of the GOPe Media Reporting Systems (hereinafter referred to as GOMERS) who simultaneously fail to notice the cracks appearing in Clinton's fortress walls.

Well, there ARE are significant cracks appearing. Someone over at Hot Gas made a comment about all of the hand-wringing pearl-clutcher media types who constantly preach that Trump is doomed and he will be annihilated by Clinton. Well, Newt Gingrich begs to differ.

NEWT GINGRICH: I don’t think these polls signal a close race by November. I think if you look at the trend line, it signals that Trump will probably consolidate support while Hillary Clinton continues to stagnate. And the odds are pretty good Trump will win just like Reagan did in 1980, by a surprisingly big number…

She now has a real “civil war” [on her hands in the Democratic Party]… Bernie Sanders just endorsed the primary opponent of the chair of the Democratic National Committee! Sanders is committed to going all the way to the convention in a really bitter fight. Democrats are really looking like they will be in shambles by November.

Also, there was a nice Brett Baer-hosted piece on Trump Sunday afternoon and it spoke to, among other things, how Trump has 70 people on his staff (to HRC's 730) and has spent 1/3 of the money in destroying the GOPe field of 16 versus what that fat hag has to try to shoo off her grotty commie rival.

There was also THIS GUY who was an absolute prince and -- along with Milo Yiannopoulos -- is giving the LEFTIST rainbow folks fits.

Just for grins, trudge over to You Tube and look at all of the vids by blacks and Hispanics who are backing trump. These are sincere, heartfelt expressions of how these people transcend their divisions and back a person they believe will do the best job at restoring this nation.

I personally thing the Dyke [pun intended] is about to burst!.

..afterthought: I went over to his You Tube video immediately after the show to comment and noticed that there were a few comments from about two-three months ago when he put it up. Went back there today at lunch and saw that the place exploded; just festooned with appreciative and sympathetic comments by Trump supporters -- many of them gay and many of them gay vets.


May 22, 2016

The [late] great George Carlin weighs in on PC talk..

..from beyond the vale, George Carlin weighs in on a major affliction of these latter years.

While he dwells on "liberals" in this diatribe, to be fair, Mr Carlin was an equal opportunity critic of the human condition. He would blast the right and left with equal zeal -- which is more than fine with me because, well, I am certainly not perfect and, hell, even Jesus has had some jokes or criticisms made about him. So, I enjoy chuckling at my faults and hypocrisies.

But I am sure that there are some who are -- ahem -- less tolerant of criticism and "free speech". Case in point, here's 15 minutes of cringe-worthy self-torture for we masochists. Can you imagine dating or marrying one of these irate snowflakes -- let alone existing in a world run by them?

Sure do love the F-bomb, don't they?


May 19, 2016


It's all in how you look at things, I guess:

So where's Julie Andrews when you really need her? Or Clark Griswold for that matter.

I am sick and tired of Google Masthead PC shit, are you?

Are you people as sick and tired of Google hectoring us about PC shit in their masthead? Just so you know the full 9-1-1 on their leftist advocacy (Wiki quote emphasis added):

Yuri Kochiyama (河内山 百合 Kōchiyama Yuri?, May 19, 1921 – June 1, 2014) was a Japanese American human rights activist[1]. She is notable as one of the few prominent non-black Black separatists. Influenced by Marxism, Maoism, and the thoughts of Malcolm X, she was an advocate for many revolutionary movements.

By the way, Ms War Planner (native of The Land of the Rising Sun and pretty smart in the way of current events -- AND TRUMP FANATIC) responded when asked about this oba-san: "who?"

Anybody know of a decent search engine so one does not have to tolerate this bullshit?

May 18, 2016

Defender of Pigs

Once she sheds the 74-year-old socialist gadfly, here's what she's walking into with Trump:

May 17, 2016

A few slices of Paul Joseph Watson..

If you get tired of hearing these self-anointed celeb monitors of the politically correct hectoring you about what to feel and how to act, well this ought to spice things up a bit: the way, Palul Joseph Watson does not reserve his diatribes for all of "our enemies"; he has some rants about Israel heavy-handedly blowing away four Palestinian kids playing soccer on a beach. It's painful to those of us who generally back Israel, but it's stuff that has to be heard and understood if we do not want to come off sounding like that insufferable git Clooney and his crowd.

Stay tuned; there will be more. I'd say he gives it to his targets with both barrels but, in truth, it's more like a full-auto 12 gauge pump action.

And, as long as I am at it, here's The Cohibatator bloviating about illegal immigration. Here's from his 1996 State of the Union Address:

But there are some areas that the federal government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. After years of neglect, this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50 percent. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. And tonight, I announce I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Let me be very clear about this: We are still a nation of immigrants; we should be proud of it. We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.

Sounds like The Donald, don't he?

May 14, 2016

Circling the bowl..

..and this tour de force:

May 10, 2016

Ripped off from Hot Gas: Gwyneth Paltrow selling $15,000, 24 carat gold dildo

Too good to pass up from Hot Gas comes this little gem:

In the first ever sex issue of the Goop newsletter, perfectly timed for Women’s Health Week, Paltrow makes it her personal mission to find a recipe for a 100% organic lube that “will turn the driest of deserts into your own personal slip ‘n slide.” She was inspired by the fictional character Frankie Bergstein, played by Lily Tomlin on the Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie, who has a running joke about developing yam lube.

Recommend you head over there and get your daily dose of Hot Gas; the obligatory thread of double-entendre is just too delicious to pass up.

Especially this: is good!

May 8, 2016

Trump: Goldwater or Reagan?

Anyone who spends more than five minutes watching one of those hoary panels on Fox News, CNN, or other media circuses, comes away with the impression that Trump has a HUGE mountain to climb, has the highest negatives of any candidate ever, is grossly upside down in many demographics (particularly women) and basically will lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton.

I am not sure, at this point, what the reality will be in the penultimate month of the year. But I do know this:

(1) These are the very same pundits, commentators, and talking heads who gave Trump zero chance at the nomination when he was up against 17 other organized and funded campaigns -- arguably many with resources that were on par with Clinton's campaign. And yet he bested them all, [still] rolling up the largest total votes cast for a Republican candidate in a primary ever.

(2) There is a decided difference in the trajectory in the campaigns of Clinton v. Trump. One is limping along fighting a rear-guard action and buying all the party insiders it can find while the other is whistle-stopping America and winning a great number of followers by speaking to the common citizens of this country and directly addressing their concerns.

(3) As inferred above, a 74-year-old politician with absolutely no perceptible achievements during his time in the U. S. Senate, has fought her to a standstill. He has done this by promising "Free Shit" to a bunch of unrealistic, idealistic, naive yutes who openly admit that they dislike Clinton because of her links to the establishment. He will undoubtedly not win the nomination because of Clinton's enormous funding and heavy majority of the insider "super delegates", but a victory in this manner by Clinton will not endear a great many of these folks to her. Yet the math by the pundits beggars the imagination, insinuating that all of them will flop over to Clinton if Sanders does not get the nod. (This is as nuts as the pundits' adding up the votes for the other candidates in a primary and assuming that none would go to Trump if their candidate dropped out.)

(4) Clinton is a notoriously dismal campaigner, she is not likable and tends to shed votes as she goes along -- as she did v. Obama in 2008. There's also the nagging question of her accomplishments. What in hell has she actually done as a senator or S. O. S.?

(5) she is under a cloud -- a veritable thunderhead -- of suspicion because of (a) her e-mail frolics, (b) her absolute treasonous and incompetent handling of the Benghazi affair, (c) any implications of impropriety surrounding the Clinton fund, (d) the big biz and "insider" donors, etc.

(6) In the past, Republicans have been backing candidates who are basically eunuchs. The neutered ex-pow Senator from Arizona who should be walking around some rest home in Arizona in a ratty bathrobe and slippers with his winky hanging out and Mitt Romney who should just plain shut the fuck up. Both had their chances to put one of the most incompetent, inexperienced POTUS candidates in his place but suffered from "trigger fright". McCain mumbled something about Obama being basically a good man during his attempt in 2008 and we all know how Mittens whiffed when the cookie-crunching Crowley openly took Obama's side in the second debate. By contrast, not a week after Trump became the presumptive nominee, he came out with guns blazing and swatted down Clinton's first two tenuous ads. For good measure, he similarly batted away that Elizabeth Warren's feeble attempts to describe him as a hate monger and a bigot. I do not foresee Trump altering this approach. As the old Texas football coach, Darrel Royal, used to say about his not changing his offensive strategy before a big game, "You gotta dance with who brung ya."

(7) These pundits are as willfully clueless to what the American people are angry about (and why) as are the feckless Republican legislators we have sent to congress over the past 8 years. They both are inside that impenetrable beltway bubble with their six-figure incomes, emoluments, aggrandizement, and their kids tucked away in Sidwell Friends. They are totally oblivious to what we mirror-fogging, mouth-breathing proles are upset about. The last time the ruling class was this far out of touch with the peasants, it didn't end very well at all.

So, basically, I believe that the asshat pundits and commentators on those shows need to buy a vowel (or two). But Will Trump get elected? Is he a shoo-in?

I dunno.

But I do know that I have been through two elections like this in my lifetime that frame the yin and yang of what will happen in November.

That is, will Donald Trump be a Goldwater or will he be a Reagan?

And by this, I do NOT refer to the politics of those three gentlemen. (And, goodness knows, the label 'conservative' has been diluted and misappropriated over the last three campaigns) I refer, instead, to whether Trump will be a principled individual speaking to a principled but minority contingent of the electorate as Goldwater did and get buried in a landslide of Dem lies and hate. Or, will Trump be able to tap into a wellspring of anger and frustration abroad in this land and unseat an incompetent government in response to the will of the people as Reagan did.

Truth be told, I do not know. But I suspect we will find out right soon.

April 28, 2016

April 16, 2016

Truth page about R.O.P. Goat Humpers

Tip from HG friend about the R.O.P. on a site that is a must see and must confer if you want to get the inside slant on what these pig-slimed bastages have in mind for you:

..dunno about "..any Muslim, anywhere in the world.." as I am sure some of these slime balls -- the ones that perpetrate evil against innocents -- deserve to be filled so full of lead that they will make pencil marks when they sit down.

But then, that is up to you, my brother.

April 15, 2016

The Looney Wing of the Seniors' Home

Odie stopped by this afternoon; my beloved friend, The Woodsterman, who was instrumental in getting me to start blogging back when the Lawn Jockey POTUS was first thrust upon us. He seemed puzzled by my take on things so I write this to further clarify my position: Succinctly and for the record:

I want to see Donald Trump win the nomination and I want this to happen for many reasons, chief among them my desire to see heads exploding, wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and general discontent by those in the establishment who have been smugly bending us over and giving us "the big umbie"* for the past - oh - sixteen years (if not more) without benefit of jelly (K-Y, petroleum, grape, or cranberry).

In the previous post, I mentioned my amazement at the disorientation that this campaign season is causing. Up is down, left is right, and the shape-shifting of personalities, heroes, enemies, former heroes, and former heroes.

Out: Fox News with their incessant Trump-bashing and tongue-clicking. This includes those I used to admire like Charles Krauthammer, and a lot of the regularly seated "smart people panels" who would deign to benefit we mirror-fogging proles with their political acumen. Add to that list the morning drive asshole Brian Whitman on KRLA 830 AM who regularly takes pictures of Michelle Fields to the sperm bank as his inspiration as well as taking pictures of The Donald to the firing range as -- er -- similar inspiration. There are others, I am sure. But you get the idea.

Also out, of course, is Ed Morrissey and his crew of nincompoops who saw fit to disenfranchise a family of loyal followers (some for more than ten years) over at Hot Air by going to FaceBook commenting. When we requested a redress of grievances, he was rather abrupt with one or two of the old timers, basically telling them to pound sand. (So a few of the more enterprising wandered off into the interwebs wilderness, staked out a homestead and put up a little sod hut on the prairie called "HogGas.Net" and invited the family to move in with them. Ninety percent of us did so and it was like we never left home -- except that we are now a closer, tighter knit family and would go to the point of preciously guarding each other's sacred honor. We never looked back!

(You are, by the way, invited over. Just knock politely, wipe your shoes on the mat, doff your cap and greet everyone civilly and politely.)

And, as long as we're at it, you can scratch Mark Levin off the list. In addition to the fact that his shows are nothing but #NeverTtump diatribes, he has turned into a Little Johnny One-Note bloviating gas bag with his incessant hectoring and screaming.

In: the remnants of Fox news who stick up for Trump, either because they like his candidacy, what he advocates, or that they just want to see things done in an honorable, straightforward, and above-board manner. This includes Jeanine Pirro (who makes me fall in love with her ALL OVER each Saturday evening 1800 PDT), Sean Hannity (who makes me recant my pledge to NEVER watch his show ever again after 6 November 2012; I just peek once in a while).

Similarly, there are others, like The tall, skinny blonde broad, Ann Coulter, whom I once loved, then disliked, but have now fallen in love all over again because of her defiant support of Trump because she feels that he is being treated unfairly and that the establishment needs the big unbie turned on themselves for a change.

So-o-o-o-o anyway, I am way off topic here but I wanted to call to everyone's attention two more people who have wandered into my field of fire: The pot-and-pan-bangers from Los Angeles afternoon drive at KFI 640. They mostly run a show where they gin up the ratings by means of outrage and, of course, The Donald's daily drama and the primary and general elections promise them plenty of material.

And, finally, this brings me to my point: this afternoon, they colorfully characterized the dust up between HRC and the Vermont Geriatric as a screaming match in the looney wing of the old folks' home. Which, in my book, is a metaphor that will be hard to wash out of my mind. (A subsequent trip into the house to attend to business had me gazing at Brett Baer and the panel where Byron York made a similar observation, so it must be catching.)

They played clips of these two old geezers screaming at each other over who who was first to back the $15 minimum wage, with the old geezer from Brooklyn by way of Montpelier, said that The decaying Beached Whale (HRC) cut her backing off at $12 whereas he maxed out at the full banana.

Whereupon, John and Ken correctly observed that these two old communists were playing with OUR money. You know, like how the hell is it correct that the government defy the laws of supply and demand with their own intrusive legislation. If someone wants to pay $5 per hour and he doesn't get any good applicants, then he will soon raise his offer until he gets the competent folks he needs.

Anyway, it went on like this to the point of incredulity when Sanders said that we should not be giving felons jail time but rather college educations. You know, commit a murder and get into Cal Berkeley.

Yeah, that stupid; just like two old crazy people in the rest home.

So add John and Ken to my afternoon drive entertainment schedule..

..and, of course, scratch Huge Hewitless off.

*This term was coined by my UCLA Lambda Chi fraternity brother, Danny Wexler. It refers to "The Big Umbrella" being inserted closed into one's rectum and then opened before withdrawing. You know, as in, "How did you do on that chem midterm, Danny?" 

"Oh, man! I took the big umbie!"

Hot Gas and the Coming Revolution

Cross-posted at Hot Gas, this is my comment from the cheap seats; a largely disjointed, stream-of-consciousness rant by an old guy in California:

Kudos to Hot Gas for shoveling this bravo sierra in our direction for our consumption. And I mean this respectfully and reverently. As Michelle Malkin says, sunlight is a very good disinfectant.

We may excoriate one another or be upbraided by the #NeverTrumpers for crap like, "well, you're only now waking up to this?"

Horse shit!

Back in 1776, King George's boys did this to us step by step until we got pissed and started throwing crates of tea into Boston Harbor, stopped buying revenue stamps, and grabbed our muskets and powder and shot and met out on the village common to stare down Red Coats and shed our blood. (I always seem to get in a plug for reloading, don't I?)

Well, this is it, fellow babies. Here comes the Revolution and we can forget labels like "conservative" and "liberal" because left is right, up is down, and I'll bet there's only a dime's worth of difference between us and the Sanders' crowd. (Well, $1.75 at most.) We are both righteously pissed at the folks in power bending us over and putting it to us. (My apologies to the ladies and folks who vapor lock at such imagery, but these are -- once again -- the times that try mens' persons' souls.)

Hot Gas is the messenger and the focal point -- and part of the network of blogs true to the cause -- like the Revolutionary war -- the Committees of correspondence that tie us together and help us keep our guard up.

In the halcyon days when Reagan kicked that grubby, mewling peanut farmer's ass all the way back to Plains, we had a steady diet of alphabet network propaganda and it was only through by sheer dint of our revulsion at Carter's and the Feral Gummint's incompetence that The Gipper was elected.

But now we see these cozy, back-room deals, and cronyism that conspire to keep we proles sedated and on the reservation ~ and it is a repulsive panorama of mind-numbing totalitarian oppression. And this coming revolution will be televised.

So back to the Us versus Bern thing: in these past several months, I am amazed at my personal changes in attitude and my regard for once seemingly steadfast allies in the old "Conservative-versus-Liberal" paradigm. Huge Hewittless (who will live rent-free in my brain for-seemingly-ever), FNC, MK the Beaver, the former "conservative" blogs, Mittens -- even El Rushbo -- are on board the soul train with the DC Beltway cabal. They do not give a fricasseed road apple for we, the mindless mouth-breathers who comprise their former fan base.

The same holds true for the Bern crowd except they shower less than we do and want to do right by the people with OUR money versus Trump who aims do to it TO the government for the benefit the people.

Sorry; sure do sound like a commie. Don't mean it; just overjoyed to see the havoc being wrought. My missionfor the moment is to enjoy watching the heads explode.

Later on perhaps I will get a dress, take up knitting, and become the Madame DeFarge of this revolution?

God bless The United States of America and God bless the Disqus "edit" button!

March 25, 2016

Weirder and weirder..

I swear to Holy Jesus (on this Good Friday), this POTUS campaign is getting really weird. This just ran on Drudge:

I dunno what the hell this is about, but I thought I would trap a picture of that old hag -- especially the green complexion and all. And, as long as we're into the tin-hat stuff, I still think that brat is not the offspring of Bill & Hill.

Here's a pretty good comparison of the her and the potential sperm donors -- and my vote's for the creepy guy on the left (Webb Hubbell):

In hte mean time, y'all have a happy Easter and a great weekend!


March 24, 2016

Last Tango in the world burns..

From Drudge:

Well, well, well, here's The Lawn Jockey struttin' his stuff out on the floor while ISIS hacks heads, guns down Parisians, bombs Brussels, and prepares to crucify a Catholic priest on Good Friday. But, no, they aren't "an existential threat". At least not to Preezy Dickhead.

Wonder if he needs a stick of butter?


March 23, 2016

Not an existential threat, my ass!

Our beloved Lawn Jockey -- not 24 hours from yet the R.O.P. Goat humpers' Brussels murder spree -- released video saying that ISIL (not even the stones to call it ISIS) is NOT an existential threat to the U. S.

You really want to listen to the simpering, lisping, dripping pile of phallic rash on this subject then you go ahead and Google it. All I gotta say is:

Existential Threat this, Butt Wiper!

..and, while we're on the question of what that feather-boa-wearing fruitball will be doing after after 20 January 2017, I understand that Bill & Hill have asked him to stay on as part of their administration:


March 21, 2016

Hanging with the Commie and the Commie POTUS

What goes around comes around, as they say. So our Lawn Jockey POTUS with the shriveled testicles decides -- in the last ten months of his POTUS-hood -- to kiss [the ass of] and make up with the crotch-hair-bearded dictator who has been a pain in the read of U. S. presidents since our little trouser snake was a babe in swaddling clothes back in Indonesia.

(I mean, Preezy Dickhead hasn't had a commie butt to smooch since that fat tub of goo, Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela had his asshole rot out with cancer and started his dirt nap three years ago. Sean Penn is still waddling around in that back mourning dress and veil.)

Anyway, the BusHitler crowd used to revel in misconstruing the "Mission Accomplished" sortie that "W" flew when he zipped out to meet the Abraham Lincoln sailing back into San Diego after returning form the Gulf. Those pencil-neck geeks never did get it right, anyway. It was "Mission Accomplished for the Abe Lincoln -- NOT "W" and his war in Iraq. But they never let the facts get in the way of a good story, do they.

So now Drudge has deliciously turned it around on them with this photo:

Don't you just love how he is standing up there on the stage with all his cronies and the decrepit old building in the background and the grey skies and the slum environs of Havana. Shit, it sure did not look as gloomy when Michael Corleone visited, did it?

Maybe they can re-build a few casinos, bars and strip joints and re-animate Batista to get a little life back down there?

Justce Jeanine FTW! (Yet again) and a start on Huge Hewittless..

The life of an old soldier (as I euphemistically think of myself) is a dreary one. I have become the zwieback-gumming old codger who shuffles down to the diner with my child-bride, Hoovers up my meatloaf and mashed potato special, returns home and totters over to the couch to digest and watch the pathetic offerings that is weekend TV.

One of the few bright spots in the tattered political commentary that comprise the fabric of the once-proud Fox News is Justice [with] Judge Jeanine [Pirro] who aims her caustic blowtorch at those who would thwart the people's hopes and dreams for a square shake from the Ruling Class in DC. This is yet another in her long line of defenses of Donald Trump as being the people's choice versus the Beltway Insider/Consultant Class/Lobbyists comfy get-along-go-along sycophants. Here she dismembers turdbags like Mitt[ens] Romney and the rest for actually trying to disrupt the will of their party members.

..and, it what might be one of the more interesting "coming out parties", she interviews Scott Baio, former actor and now producer and Hollywood executive. It has been long known that Mr Baio is a conservative but what he has to say about The Donald going to Washington "to blow things up" is bracing!

I do not believe I have heard ANYONE distill my feelings for my support for Donald Trump any more clearly and succinctly as this. I believe I am getting moist.

That said, I have been doing some thinking on what is most revolting about the DC establishment (as LL likes to call them, "Our Betters") and probably the face of these is the conceit and condescension embodied in that tool of Salem Radio commentary, Hugh Hewitt, hereinafter referred to as "Huge Hewittless".

In a previous "placeholder post" I mentioned that it was time to distill and crystallize my feelings about this sack of bovine offal and, to that end, I wanted to start up a thread over at HotGas.Net to elicit input from others as to how they felt.

Note down below that there's a request to start a grumble thread on the Living Dead and wanted to weigh in with a similar request. Well, not exactly. Let me explain:

As some of you know, I am not a big fan of Hugh Hewitt ("Huge Hewittless" as I call him) as I consider him to be the smug, condescending, vapid face of all that is RINO and GOPe and MSG. Of course, my already milli-regard (10−3) for him descended to femto-regard (10−15) when he did his "who is the leader of.." number on Trump during an interview on his show. But, since the re-election of the Dickless Pharaoh, I had come to see what a game these folks like him and Benson and Shapiro and the other pompous, vainglorious pricks were running as members of the Beltway Insider/Consultant/Lobbyist ruling/chattering class.

So, since I am an insecure, sniveling little weasel, I wonder it mightn't be possible to elicit similar reactions amongst the HotGas Family at one of these nightly soirees?

Hell; don't even mind it if you use the opportunity to tell me to get stuffed -- so long as you provide a reason or reasons why you think I am all wet.

But, in the main, it's clear that Pat Caddell passed up a golden opportunity to cold-cock this trouser-snake when they appeared on Hannity's show that time long ago.

So, let the games begin!

..and my sincere thanks!

Well, while it has to be conceded that Hewittless has considerable int the way of credentials and I used to be a big fan of his, it is clear that he is a firm tool of the GOPe and is, generally a limp-dicked fawning toadie of his DC masters somewhat approaching -- insofar as I am concerned -- the veracity of Baghdad Bob.

It is also fair to say that, if Donald J. Trump becomes the next POTUS, watching Hewittless's head explode will be one of the thrills derived as a result of this bloodless coup.


March 20, 2016

The Inevitability of a Decaying, Beached Whale..

(I posted this over at HotGas.Net in the early morning of their 20 March Quote of the Day.)

..allow me to to add to the QOD:

Being compulsive and possessing a small bladder, I was wandering around the interwebs this morning and came up with an interesting article on the "inevitability" Hillary Clinton as POTUS. It is a pretty thorough analysis and not a lot of its points are the three-corner bank shots that that comprised similar wishcasting of the Romney over Obama pieces that appeared four years ago. Here is an excerpt (emphasis added):

Delegate Map, Clinton v. Trump
Again, what matters in a general election is who wins swing states and who turns out their base. So let’s see how things look in a head-to-head between Clinton and Trump:

Remember the majority of swing states that Hillary has either decisively lost or tied in? Six of these have voted on the Republican side, and Trump handily won half of them (New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida). Trump also carried all of the swing states that Clinton won in except Ohio–and in that case, he nearly defeated a sitting governor with an active campaign infrastructure still intact from his recent re-election. Kasich only managed to pull off a victory at the 11th hour, after Rubio instructed his voters to vote for the governor instead. In Florida Trump managed a landslide victory over Rubio on his own turf in the process and secured an endorsement from current Florida Governor Rick Scott. As for the solidly-red southern states that comprise most of Clinton’s pledged delegate lead–guess who carried all of these rather decisively on the Republican side, and often with record turnout? That’s right, Donald Trump.

That is, Trump is likely to decisively beat Clinton in virtually all of the states that she has performed strongly in so far, and seems poised to win many of the states she lost as well. This leaves her relying heavily on the solidly blue states, which overwhelmingly voted against her in the primaries, suggesting that enthusiasm will not be high with her base. Forget national polling. When one takes a sober look at the electoral map—at who can turn out their base in solidly partisan states and appeal in swing states, based on how the primaries have turned out thus far, the edge is cleanly with Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

But it gets worse:

Trump has a large and passionate base. And while many Republicans are not comfortable with Trump, they passionately hate Hillary Clinton–and faced with such a stark choice, most would vote for Trump if only to deny Clinton the White House. Reports of Republican elites who say they’d vote for Hillary over Trump are more-or-less meaningless in terms of indicating how most voters will perform: the entire Trump phenomena is a testament to how far out of touch these party elites are with their voting base (meanwhile, endorsements of Hillary Clinton by prominent neocons would only further alienate her from the Democratic base). Make no mistake: Republicans will rally around Trump (or against Clinton), and they will turn out in large numbers to do so.

The same cannot be said on the other side:

A large number of Democrats cannot bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances—and while many of these are unlikely to vote for Trump, they may well stay home on Election Day. Already, in the primaries so far, Republican turnout has been far outstripping that of Democrats. If this holds up in the general (or gets worse), it would be damning for Clinton’s candidacy: Democrats rely heavily on uncharacteristically-large left-leaning turnout in presidential election years to win national races. Absent this, they stand no chance–particularly in light of the advantage Trump already seems to have in swing states and with his base.

But the reality of the matter is that many Sanders supporters will not only abstain, they will actually vote for Trump if Hillary wins the nomination. For some, it would be a vote to punish the DNC for its anti-Democratic coronation of Clinton (via the superdelegates). For others, it’d be a nihilistic act: an attempt to burn down the establishment, or to give America “the candidate it deserves.”

But from exit polling we know that many others, particularly in swing states with open primaries, were legitimately torn between Sanders and Trump as the best candidate to direct their anti-establishment sentiment. And if Sanders loses the Democratic nomination, those who voted for him for this reason would not turn around and vote for someone like Hillary Clinton in a general election—they would vote for Trump. And to top it all off, there are a number of other Democrats who staunchly support the Donald over all the other candidates regardless–in fact, they are an important component of his support base.

All of this bodes ill for Hillary Clinton in a general election.

The two emphasized graphs above go to the relative enthusiasm that characterize the two candidates' primary voting. This is often poo-pooed by those who say primary voting turnout is not predictive of general turnout voting turnout. But those arguments are largely based on conventional election years; this one is exceptional because, if anything, Sanders' and Trump's successes are driven by a high degree of voter/citizen dissatisfaction. (There was a nice series of rebuttals/ripostes to one of our lesser-intelligent trolls who was extolling the virtues of Sanders over Trump to the effect that Trump's positions were the same as Sanders except that he did not advocate "free stuff". Forgive if I have improperly paraphrased.)

I dunno know what will happen. (Hell, I'd be up at Santa Anita or Hollywood Park, laying my ranch deed on the trifecta if I possessed that acumen.) All I know is that the horrible human known as HRC grates on my ears 20 seconds after she begins to talk, my bowels churn when I think of her prosecutable, treasonous, reprehensible acts during Benghazi, and I feel in dire need of a prolonged shower and bleach wipe when contemplating the sewage that she and her husband have been swimming in to get to this point.

Will Trump benefit from similar revulsion among other voters?

..I don't know and I ain't sayin'; I'm just sayin'.

March 18, 2016

Violence at GOPe Brokered Convention..

..also a future post.

Coming Attractions: The Truth behind this Shit-Eating Grin..

Tune in some time next week for my rant on the smug, GOPe dickhead below.

"Hello, I am Huge Hewitless, your typical sycophantic MSG GOPe tool"

Feather-Boa-and-Platform-Heel-Wearin' Fag-wa's get fit of the vapors..

I posted this as a comment over on the new HotGas.Com as a response to the Australian and Russkies going apoplectic at the prospect of Donald Trump being elected president. But, hey, bats gotta swim and sharks gotta fly and I gotta rant. it just me or are the formerly macho countries in this world shrinking in the face of The Donald? I mean, we have the Kremlin gasping like wounded debutantes about how Trump "demonizes" them in his 30-second ad and then the country whose national song eulogizes a homeless guy rustling a sheep and committing suicide rather than be taken alive by there authorities are both having a fit of the vapors?

Really? Really?

Let's flash back to the Cold War, fellow babies, and recall how many enemies of the Soviet state were incarcerated in a dank cell, subjected to questionable star chamber proceedings, then escorted down to the basement of the Kremlin, forced to kneel down and dispatched with a round to the brain stem from some Lieutenant's Makarov. Otherwise, they were sent to the not-so-exotic East and made to labor in the work camps in Siberia and fed on wormy dark bread and fish-eye soup. (Hey, I saw the movie One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich too.) Also, prior to this, these were the folks who stared down Hitler's Wehrmacht, gave up a million square miles of their own homeland, and fought the mightiest army in Europe to a standstill in some frozen backwater burg with a military that issued one rifle to TWO soldiers and flew biplanes against the Luftwaffe?

Either alternative to rebelling against the state were at the hands of cold, cruel, calculating, deliberate individuals who did not let a whole lot of emotion get in their way. Also, their military were equally ominous: given half the opportunity, they would have turned our country into a smoking pile of glowing rubble. (Hey, I know. I saw Dr Strangelove and also wrote the software and supported the SIOP that helped is keep these packs of slavering hounds at bay. But I never ate fish eye soup.)

And then there's always our mates down under. I mean, like, you know? Crocodile Dundee who goes out into the Outback and wrestles giant, man-eating reptiles with only a knife. ("Naw, mate, that's a knife!") Even their tennis heroes (Rod Laver) exuded testosterone, fer crissakes! All of a sudden, the whole lot of 'em are donning their tutus and toe shoes and becoming a bunch of vapor-locking flouncing nancies? Breaker Morant? Gallipoli? The ANZAC? The fight in the Desert with their British mates stopping Rommel?

Hey, the Aussies and Russkies (O.K., Soviets) used to cart their cajones around in wheel barrows they were so big. Now, I am afraid they can keep 'em in match boxes -- because they surely have had them shorn off by the limp-dick liberals running their country (in the case of Oz) and, (in the case of the country formerly known as The USSR) who knows how the hell Putin feels about this. Maybe he does not wrestle bears after all.

So, dunno what to say about this. I mean these two countries used to walk the world stage and elicited fear, dread, and admiration because of the hair on their chests and under their armpits and even in their crotch.

Maybe now they're all lining up for a bikini-wax in their feather boas and platform heels.

On the other hand, maybe The Donald's really our man!


March 14, 2016

Why Washington’s Political Class Is Losing Control

This was something that came across the other day. I posted this in haste and then forgot my $%^@*;#! password. Anyway, here it is. Of course, my good and faithful friend, LL, was first on the scene to comment and I always appreciate that!

Why Washington’s Political Class Is Losing Control
Sen. David Perdue / March 14, 2016

The Washington political establishment has hit the panic button. Not because they are afraid of any one individual or candidate, but because they are afraid of losing their own political power.

This town is filled with well-intentioned people who believe they are doing the right thing, but far too many have lost their way after years in Washington. Politicians pay more attention to special interests groups and powerful lobbyists writing checks to their next campaign, than listening to the people back home who sent them here in the first place.

This dangerous power vacuum has fueled frustration and created an entirely new breed of disenfranchised voters who are fed up with the status quo. These are real people, their anger is palpable, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

A recent survey of likely Republican primary voters showed that 86 percent believe that “people like me don’t have any say about what the government does.” Another recent exit poll in my home state of Georgia showed six in ten Republicans felt “betrayed” by their political party.

This sentiment is something I heard countless times during my campaign for the United States Senate just over a short year ago. It is what pulled me to get involved personally to try and make a difference. But this is not just happening in Georgia. People across America are angry, frustrated, and scared because they feel like Washington is not listening to them.

A growing number of Americans are more motivated by this feeling of frustration than any individual political ideology. The rise of career politicians has completely shifted the political paradigm from just liberal versus conservative. There is now a disconnect between the Washington political class and everybody else—the insiders versus the outsiders.

When most Americans look at the federal government, all they see are years of failed policies that have made life harder for them and their families, and a political class that is well connected and uninterested in giving them a say in how to right the ship.

People are still hurting, and they are weary of Washington’s penchant for business as usual. Georgians sent me—someone who had never run for elected office—to the United States Senate to try and do something about it and change the system. In state after state this year, voters have voiced support for presidential candidates who are not part of the political class.

This is a growing movement, and it is bigger than any one candidate or election victory. Unless the political establishment is willing to learn from the anger felt by millions of Americans who feel left behind, this will not end in November.

True to form, though, political elites prefer tearing down individuals to understanding what created this movement. This movement of Americans wants nothing to do with Washington, and neither endorsements nor criticisms are going to change that.

No matter who our Republican presidential nominee is at the end of this process, one thing is clear, we cannot allow Democrats to double down on the failed policies of the last seven years.
A better course of action would be a candid examination of what can be done to regain the trust of the American people. Let’s start with simply listening to them.