January 31, 2017

They will not divide us!

You know, like that guy, Shia Meatloaf's stupid-assed camera-in-the-wall shit. I predict that California will not secede from the union. (And which of you really gives a flying turd if it does?)

But if it does, it will not remain in one piece because of the vast differences in opinion on this state's regions. And, if the secession succeeds, here's how I think it will shake out:

..life IS good as long as he does not divide the SJW weenies.

January 30, 2017

Biblical Trump

Courtesy of Tom, my retired Georgia homicide dick high-school chum:

Donald Trump is constantly bombarded by questions concerning his spirituality, alleged Christian beliefs and so forth.

He was recently asked if he could quote any Bible verses. He replied,

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Deport him and you do not have to feed him again."

Trump 20:16

..ain't life grand?

January 20, 2017

Just GTFO, Asshole!

Well, it's finally over and The Lawn Jockey POTUS and his consort, Mikey Obama, are on the big silver bird heading out to Palm Springs for four weeks of golf before he returns to D.C. By the way, once this asshole's POTUS credentials expire, the call sign on any military aircraft carrying him is no longer Air Force One. It becomes something else like "Executive One" or something.

Frankly, I prefer "Excrement One"; so much more appropriate!

But, like that guest at your party who just won't take the hint, even after the clock ran out on The Lawn Jockey POTUS kept milking it for all it's worth with hugging, grasping, and hand clutching, and yet another speech at Andrews. They needed to get get ahook to get this guy off the stage just like on the old Vaudeville days.

Good riddance, asshole. Enjoy your time off! What are the odds that they fly him back on "Excrement One" when his rent runs out in the California desert?

Well, for those into memorabilia, Here's some snippets from Drudge on January 20th, 2017:

..a Date..no, an instant..I thought would never come!

January 19, 2017

The New Sheriff Comes to Town!

..welcome to the swamp, Mr President!

January 18, 2017

The Long Goodbye: Winding down to the bitter end..

..here is me, heaving great, dry sobs over these poor little assholes being thrown out in the cold cruel world!

January 16, 2017

F**K Google and its Cutesy Pie Shit!

A friend of mine at work wants to go work at Google because it's got a super cool work environment what with the folks sprawling out on the campus lawns and throwing Frisbees and cavorting with their sleek, fluffy Golden Retrievers and all that Millennial Snowflake bullshit.

That shit produces kumbaya shit like this EVERY DAY:

..which induces reactions like this EVERY DAY:

In my opinion, it's why these assholes cannot get used to reality and shit. I believe that the work place should be just that: a place where people do work.

If only..

..he had been a little more sympathetic to the 2A mileu of the American people and the nastiness of gun control, Piers Morgan might have been the second coming of Christopher Hitchins. I remember chafing at Mr Hitchins' opinions where they diverged from mine (i.e., religion and Christianity) but loved the man for his adherence to his principles and his steadfast defense of western civilization versus the towel-headed camel riders from the M.E.

Actually, I just pointed out the flaw in my own dislike of Morgan: he expresses his views of Trump AND had heretofore stated that he does not believe in the 2A gun culture of the United States. I guess a man is entitled to his opinion and maybe the reason it chafed was because he had a megaphone on CNN and used it to spout his views HERE in the U. S. of A. Now that he is back on English soil, he is more than welcome to his own beliefs so long as they do not come with the attendant hectoring.

All right, Piers, like Patton said to the Russian general after they called each other sons of bitches, "O.K. I will drink to that -- one son of a bitch to another."

On a tangential note, Kurth Schlicter over at the normally turgid and constipated Town Hall web site has cut loose with yet another farewell to the ever-diminishing Lawn Jockey POTUS. His language is spritely and irreverent and his points sublimely valid.

America’s Nobody-in-Chief is finally going away, his last spasm of rhetorical onanism completely overshadowed by Donald Trump neatly turning the tables on the media purveyors of that fake dossier that tried and failed to paint the PEOTUS as the second coming of Bob Crane.

Good riddance. And welcome President Trump. I have a simple two-word request for you:

Avenge us!

The last two months have been hysterically funny as President Faily McWorsethancarter desperately tried to remain relevant. He’s taken leading from behind to a whole new level – he’s actually now behind behind. No one is listening to him. No one cares. While Obama wanders the halls of power, looking for people to pat him on the back, Trump is out there leading. Carrier – saved. Appointments – heading to confirmation. CNN – dissed n’ dismissed. One tweet from Trump and he resets the paradigm like a boss. Ask L.L. Bean. It’s getting hard to handle all this #winning.

While the helpless mainstream media frets over its irrelevance, Obama is left urging his minions to throw little tantrums out in the Deep State, trying to do just a little more damage to this country before he is finally exiled to comfortable obscurity. But payback is a Pelosi; soon Trump’s pen and phone are going to be wielded by the guy who Team Integrity has been calling “illegitimate” since the moment Hillary lost and it again became patriotic to question election results. All that last-minute regulatory nonsense is getting overturned. America will be a beacon of freedom to Cubans once again. The Western land thefts will be undone. We’ll drill, baby, drill. It’s going to be awesome, as will the tsunami of liberal tears.

And there’s nothing you haters can do about it. Nothing. You can howl about Russians, conflicts of interest, and innovative sexuality, but the only thing we care about are the four more years of a Clinton White House that we dodged November 8th. Nothing will stick to him, nothing will stop him. There’s your tribute, America’s Elite. There’s your legacy, Mainstream Media. Nothing you say matters anymore. Nothing. We don’t need you. We don’t trust you. And, even if we did, we don’t care about anything you say. You did this to yourselves.

His last graph is sweet:

So, as President Feckless packs his junk and goes away, he leaves a smoldering ruin of a party, an elite fearfully clutching at its fading power, and the potential for splitting the country in two. His legacy of failure and his contempt for normal Americans has ensured that in his place will be a president committed to ruthless conservative change and who won’t sit back and just passively suck up attacks from the cultural hacks. Donald Trump and a conservative Supreme Court are your legacy, Barack Obama. Good riddance, and welcome aboard the solar-powered high-speed rail express train to Karmatown.

..life is supremely good.

January 9, 2017

It just occurred to me..

..all of the Hollywood elites are gizzing over Meryl Streep's Golden Globules speech last night (except for Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, alleged conservatives) but drudge reports that the ratings were tepid for a show loaded with self-congratulation and terminal virtue-signaling.

If they have so much fun doing this, why don't they just put a basket with the necessary implements under each seat, turn down the lights, turn up the sound, and let all of those scummy bastages do their very best Meg-Ryan-Harry-Met_Sally imitations:

January 7, 2017

Trump Change!


December 25, 2016

The Last Big Christmas Lie

From Jim Host, over at The Gateway Pundit, here's a Yule-Wrecker in the form of that piece of shit, slack-jawed, soon-to-be-in-our-rearviews POTUS, his [final] Christmas message:

It's absolutely incredible that this mouth-breather has the audacity to twist the truth like he does. I mean, this is such a teaming load that it just screams to be dissected.

Fortunately, Jim is more than up to the task:

Under Obama more than 94 million Americans are out of work – the highest level ever in American history. Food stamps are at all time highs and Obama’s GDP Growth rate is the 4th lowest of the more than 40 Presidents in American history and worst in nearly a century. American home ownership is the lowest in nearly 50 years and US federal debt has never been higher with Obama nearly doubling the amount from all the prior Presidents combined to nearly $20 trillion. Americans will be burdened with $10 trillion in Obama debt for decades to come.

Obama’s health insurance program is a mess with year after year of grossly increasing premiums for Americans everywhere. Young people have to pay huge Obamacare premiums or get hit with large tax penalties for not buying insurance. It was not what it was promised and insurance companies are dropping out due to solvency concerns.

America is less respected worldwide due to Obama being blamed for the mess in the Middle East in Libya, Syria and Iraq. Obama’s actions created ISIS and millions have been murdered, raped, beheaded or misplaced during the Obama years while he did nothing to help. Instead Obama gave billions to Iran and turned his back on Israel.

January 20th cannot come soon enough!

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas..

..and, as Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, every one!"

..oh, wait!

December 23, 2016

Merkle Crack?

For the record..

He gets it..

Tom Clancy's novels were fraught with incidents where the Soviets and the forces of the West were at each others' throats and locked in the deadly embrace that was to characterize the Cold War.

Early on, as a young officer in the USAF stationed at SAC Headquarters, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, I chewed some of this dirt as Marines are wont to say. My responsibility (hence the name of this blog and my desperate REMF attempt at stolen valor) was to basically contribute to the software support effort in generation the SIOP -- the Single Integrated Operational Plan -- or War Plan for short. while I cannot discuss my specific duties (mainly because memory dims), I and several others in my unit wrote and maintained the software that allowed flight simulation and strike route planning to be done. we gathered intel from various inputs throughout the USAF and other services (and even other countries), parameterized same, and generated the missions that SAC assets would be assigned in the event the klaxons sounded.

Now, if I had told you this some thirty years ago, I would have had to kill you. Now, with SAC a memory and the world situation as it is, I only need to give you a dirty look. But to preserve anonymity, here is a friend of mine doing this for me:

So, consider yourself chastened.

That said and to bring this aircraft back on course, Clancy also wrote in a couple of his books -- principally Executive Orders -- how, once the Cold War ceased, there grew a grudging affection between former enemies. How elements of the Soviet Union and the United States would ally themselves clandestinely to stare down another mutual foe. (In E.O, of course is was an out-of-control Iranian Mullahs who has overthrown a Saddam-like character, wrested control of Iraq and formed the so-called Army of God all the while initiating a biological attack on the U. S. with Jack Ryan their nascent POTUS.)

In the main, the Russian President has vowed to assist Jack Ryan and the U. S. efforts with backdoor and clandestine undermining of Iran, causing the eventual downfall and destruction of this Mullah.

Coming to the point, it would seem that in some tangential way, life imitates art -- especially with these most observations by Putin on our recent election. (The actual Reuters is linked here but I have chosen to excerpt it in its entirety for its significance.) Putin, it seems, likes to deal with strong, worthy adversaries rather than the fractious, inconsistent, Mooo-zlem ass-kissing cadre of boobs and fools that now man the Lawn Jockey POTUS or the knee-jerk soldiers of Hillary Clinton's cadre.

His reflections on Hillary and her crew and the Democrats is somewhat less than loving.

Enjoy. (Emphasis added.)

By Vladimir Soldatkin and Andrew Osborn | MOSCOW

Vladimir Putin praised U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, saying he had his finger on the pulse of U.S. society, and launched a scathing attack on the Democrats, saying they had forgotten the meaning of their own name and were sore losers.

Speaking at his annual news conference in Moscow, Russia's president said that only Russia had believed that Trump would become the next president of the United States, but that did not mean the Democrats had the right to blame him [Putin] for their defeat.

"The current administration and the leadership of the Democratic Party are trying to blame all their failures on external factors," Putin told reporters.

"(We are talking about) a party which has clearly forgotten the original meaning of its own name," Putin said, accusing the Democrats of "shamelessly" abusing their status as the ruling party to try to influence public opinion.

"Outstanding figures in American history from the ranks of the Democratic Party would likely be turning in their graves. Roosevelt certainly would be," he said.

The White House and U.S. intelligence officials have accused Russia of trying to interfere with the U.S. election by hacking Democratic Party accounts. Information from those hacks was leaked online, causing political problems for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Putin dismissed suggestions Moscow had helped Trump to victory in any way however.

"It's not like that," he said. "All of this (the accusations) speaks of the current administration's systemic problems."

The question of who hacked the U.S. Democratic party was not important anyway, said Putin, but what the hacks revealed - that public opinion in the United States was being manipulated - was.

"They (the Democrats) are losing on all fronts and looking elsewhere for things to blame. In my view this, how shall I say it, degrades their own dignity. You have to know how to lose with dignity."

Putin, who spoke positively of Trump before his election win, said that Moscow had believed in his victory.

"Trump understood the mood of the people and kept going until the end, when nobody believed in him," Putin said, adding with a smile. "Except for you and me."

Putin addressed Trump's comments about the need to boost the U.S. nuclear arsenal, saying they were perfectly normal.

Trump's comments, made in a tweet on Thursday, alarmed non-proliferation experts who said that a boost to the U.S. arsenal could fuel global tensions.

But Putin said he was surprised by the fuss Trump's tweet had caused and how it had been linked to his own statements about Russia's plans to modernize its own nuclear arsenal.

Putin said on Thursday Russia's military was "stronger than any potential aggressor". He made clear on Friday he did not regard the United States as a potential aggressor.

"I was a bit surprised by the statements from some representatives of the current U.S. administration who for some reason started to prove that the U.S. military was the most powerful in the world," said Putin.

"Nobody is arguing with that."

(Additional reporting by Katya Golubkova, Vladimir Soldatkin, Denis Pinchuk, Peter Hobson, Maria Kiselyova and Andrey Ostroukh, Gleb Stolyarov, Oksana Kobzeva, Andrey Kuzmin, Anastasia Lyrchikova; Editing by)

Personally, I do not dislike Putin nor do I fear him. Do I think he is an evil leader and capable of doing wrong in the world?

No, not at present.

But I do know that he is the leader of his country and, as such, has the responsibility for the preservation of Russia and its people. Sometimes what he sees as preservation will get cross-wise with how we see he should be carrying out his role as Russia's leader. But I sure as shit would think it's better to have him on the same team that allying ourselves with the likes of virtually ANY ARAB COUNTRY in the Middle East.

..for what it's worth, I am sure Tom Clancy would have felt the same.

December 21, 2016

Yule Wishes..

From my good old high school bud, Tom, the retired Atlanta homicide dick:

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I hope everyone, from the reindeer to the elves, is fine. I have been a very good boy this year. I would like an X-Box with Call of Duty and an iPhone 6 for Christmas. I hope you remember that come Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas,

Timmy Jones
Dear Timmy,

Thank you for your letter. Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves are all fine and thank you for asking about them. Santa is a little worried all the time you spend playing video games and texting. Santa wouldn't want you to get fat. Since you have indeed been a good boy, I think I'll bring you something you can go outside and play with.

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus
Mr. Claus,

Seeing that I have fulfilled the "Naughty vs. Nice" contract, set by you I might add, I feel confident that you can see your way clear to granting me what I have asked for. I certainly wouldn't want to turn this joyous season into one of litigation. Also, don't you think that a jibe at my weight coming from an overweight man who goes out once a year is a bit trite?


Tim Jones
Mr. Jones,

While I have acknowledged you have met the "Nice" criteria, need I remind you that your Christmas list is a request and in no way is it a guarantee of services provided. Should you wish to pursue legal action, well that is your right. Please know, however, that my attorney's have been on retainer ever since the Burgermeister Meisterburger incident and will be more than happy to take you on in open court. Additionally, the exercise I alluded to will not only improve your health, but also improve your social skills and potentially help clear up a complexion that looks like the bottom of the Burger King fry bin most days.

Very Truly Yours,

S Claus
Now look here Fat Man,

I told you what I want and I expect you to bring it. I was attempting to be polite about this but you brought my looks and my friends into this. Now you just be disrespecting me. I'm about to tweet my boys and we're gonna be waiting for your fat ass and I'm taking my game console, my game, my phone, and whatever else I want.


Listen Pizza Face,

Seriously??? You think a dude that breaks into every house in the world on one night and never gets caught sweats a skinny G-banger wannabe? "He sees you when you're sleeping; He knows when you're awake". Sound familiar, genius? You know what kind of resources I have at my disposal. I got your sh*t wired, Jack. I go all around the world and see ways to hurt people that if I described them right now, you'd throw up your Totino's pizza roll all over the carpet of your mom's basement. You're not getting what you asked for, but I'm still stopping by your crib to stomp a mud hole in your ass and then walk it dry.

Chew on that, Petunia.

S Clizzy
Dear Santa,

Bring me whatever you see fit. I'll appreciate anything.


That's what I thought you little bastard.


..may the joy of the season be yours!

Butt hurt and proud of it..

In the wake of the campaigns recently fought to deny DJT the presidency, a special award has been created for veterans of those losing battles:

Also they have battle dressings and medications for those who sustained wounds in the battles:

And they even have PTBHD (Post Traumatic Butt Hurt Disorder) counseling set up:

And one of the warrior/victims of this struggle has turned to the bottle and is seen lamenting with a comrade:

"I am really depressed, Hawkeye! I can't determine if it's the Mexican gardener back home in Mill Valley giving Peg the high hard one or if it's Donald trump!"

December 16, 2016

This is just too good..

..because sometimes pictures ARE worth more than a thousand words.

December 9, 2016

Murdered Row..

As long as I am at it with the pictures of decrepit old Nancy Pelosi below, I thought I'd post some pics of the other members of the Dems' murderers row for you. Does not look like they got a lot that a Geritol Drip could cure.

..if ever there looked like a crowd of folks they ought to jam onto a short bus and send to the rest home, these be they.

December 8, 2016

Life imitates art..

A long time ago, a friend of this blog used to run this outta sight blog back in 2009-2011 where he did these outrageous photoshopped pics of the infamous members of the political scene. He did one pic of Pelosi and I remember thinking in recent days how much it looked like how she actually looks today.

Well, I tracked down that image (though not the blog) and thought I'd let you judge for yourself:

..see what I mean?

(The one on the bottom is the photo-shop from 2009. Or, is it the one on top? I forget.)

December 6, 2016

Get out your calculators, TDS Snowflake Assholes and Asshole-ettes..

The Red is the United States of America, The blue is Dumbfuckistan.

Those chocolate-guzzling, pajama-wearing, triggered, aggrieved little snowflakes currently having a meltdown are or have been seizing upon the Hillary-won-the-popular-vote mantra and attempting to bash the good, ordinary, hard-working, decent Americans who voted for Trump (or voted against Clinton) and I thought I would provide a little statistical blowback for you to fire up their skirts if they ever wander into your kill zone. Courtesy of Breitbart by was of a Kingjester screed on the newly minted Sparta Notes blog (formerly Hot Gas). Screen scrape, print, fold up, and put in your wallets so this is available to you 24/7/365.

(1) Donald Trump won an overwhelming 7.5 million popular vote victory in 3,084 of the country’s 3,141 counties or county equivalents in America’s heartland.

(2) Fifty-five point seven million out of the 109.3 million Americans who cast their ballots in those counties voted for Trump, while only 48.1 million voted for Hillary Clinton, according to the latest county by county election results reported at Politico. The remaining 5.4 million voted for other candidates.

(3) Trump’s 7.5 million popular vote landslide in America’s heartland, a resounding 7 point victory in those 3,084 counties over Clinton, 51 percent to 44 percent, gave him a 306 to 232 Electoral College landslide. (On Monday night, the director of elections in the office of Michigan’s Secretary of State said that Trump had won the state’s 16 electoral college votes by a narrow margin of 13,107 votes.)

(4) Hillary Clinton, in contrast, had an 8.2 million vote margin in a narrow band of 52 coastal counties and five “county equivalent” cities stretching from San Diego to Seattle on the West Coast and Northern Virginia to Boston on the East Coast. That narrow band included two major cities–Washington, D.C and Baltimore, Maryland–included in the five “county equivalent” cities, and three major cities–Philadelphia, New York, and Boston–which are included in the 52 counties.

(5) In élite coastal county after élite coastal county, especially those in Washington, D.C. and its Virginia and Maryland suburbs where so many federal government workers and federal contractors live, Clinton won by margins ranging from four to one to two to one.

(6) Votes cast in the 52 élite coastal counties where Clinton dominated accounted for only 14.4 percent of the estimated 127.7 million total votes cast in the country.

(7) In contrast, the 3,084 counties in America’s heartland, where Trump dominated with a healthy 7 point margin, accounted for 85.6 percent of all votes cast.

(8) Clinton’s 671,066 popular vote margin across the entire country, 61,047,027 votes to Donald Trump’s 60,375,961 votes (according to Politico’s election results website as of Tuesday morning) arose from this huge advantage wracked up in these élite coastal counties.

(9) Clinton received 47.7 percent of the estimated 127.7 million votes cast nationwide, while Trump received 47.2 percent of those votes. Five percent went to other candidates.

(10) Trump campaigned very little in the 23 élite coastal counties in the West Coast states of California, Oregon, and Washington, and only vigorously campaigned in five Northern Virginia counties and Philadelphia on the East Coast.

(11) It is worth noting that virtually all members of the mainstream media reside within this narrow band of élite coastal counties.

(12) Clinton won the 161 electoral college votes in nine of these ten states, as well in the District of Columbia. Among these ten states, Trump won only Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes.

(13) But these nine states experienced the same kind of bimodal divide seen in the rest of the country.

(14) In eight of these nine states (all but Massachusetts) Trump was tied or slightly ahead of Clinton in the popular vote in those counties outside the coastal élite.
Here is the full list of these 52 élite coastal counties:

Alameda, Contra Costa, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Marin, Mendocino, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, and Ventura;

Multnomah and Washington;

King and Snohomish;

Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William (and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, and Falls Church);

Washington, D.C.

Baltimore, Charles, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s (and the city of Baltimore);

Delaware and Philadelphia;

New Jersey
Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Passaic, and Union;

New York
Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Westchester

Fairfield, Hartford, and New Haven;

Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

There is a supposed refutation of these totals over on SNOPES (you google it, I ain't about to hand out clicks to them. Besides, I discount the site and its supposed analysis because it it largely run by a liberal couple and like people will say about the Breitbart calculations and assertions above, "figures lie and liars figure".)

Anyway, it's crackling good fodder for those Soros-fueled-rebels who just cannot get over the fact that 306 is a larger number than 232.