March 22, 2017

Crap weasel of the year..

..any questions? Any objections?

March 17, 2017

The Doors..

Remember them? Sure you do!

OK, here's the real deal.

Four or five years before this video was made, Robby Krieger (called Bobby in those days) was a senior at a small boys' boarding school in the bay area known as Menlo School. He hung out with Bill Wolff (later of the Peanut Butter Conspiracy) and *barely* knew how to play the guitar. Bill -- into all kinds of eclectic music -- kept trolling Robbie by playing a Flamenco album during the evening break and the time before lights out.

Robbie only had a ukulele (you know, "my dog has fleas") so he retuned the bottom four strings the same as the bottom four strings of a guitar and, having an amazing ear, was quickly able to imitate the riffs on the record.

Getting bored quickly, Robbie went to Puerta Vallarta with class mates Pete Leanse (later killed in a 70s coke deal) and Steve George "Keoki" King where he bought a peg-tuned Juan Ramirex P. peg-tuned classic/Flamenco guitar and proceeded to literally master the art.

Robbie got bored of that and turned to funky black and folk music with Bill Wolff. In the early Spring of 1964 they formed a jug band (all the rage in those days) called The Back Bay Chamberpot Tarriers and started playing stuff by Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers and Jim Kweskin and Dave Van Ronk.

They all graduated and went on to college> Robbie and Bill went to UCSB and some of the others went to other schools in California where the 60s played out.

How do I know this?

I am the one on banjo and jug.

..about two year later -- in Spring 1965 -- I am standing in line for Spring registration at UCLA and Wolff and Krieger come up to me (to essentially cut in line) and introduce a spaced out looking guy with them -- who turns out to be Jim Morrison.

Didn't hear anything after that from them but used to go surfing with one of my good buds during the day -- Robbie's brother Ronnie Krieger (who later committed suicide at San Diego State) -- who kept telling me Robbie was getting into serious rock with a group call the Doors.

Who knew.

(It is just one of my very few intersections with fame in an otherwise pathetic, maudlin, ordinary life. Don't get me started on Bob Wier and The Dead, etc. He was also a classmate and, later, the owner of my banjo shown in the above picture. I still think he owes me $30 for it.)

March 16, 2017

Fundraising Ideas

My previous post (below) surely has raised some concerns and caused the snowflakes who listen to NPR and watch PBS to vapor lock but I submit that the yawning gap of denied subsidies could be easily be made up if we only look to what private enterprise fund-raising efforts we could bring to bear:

..courtesy of Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit!

You're fired!

..just sayin'!

March 15, 2017

Trump Tax Trolling, the sequel

Didn't I tell ya? They're getting reeled in line tuna off the Grand Banks:

..oh wow! Hearts and uncongealed excitement over a something that will blow up in their face bigger that one of Weasel Zippers ISIS mishap war porn videos!

Aloha Snackbar!

Taxing Subject

Well, it seems once again that the media have made fools of themselves over Trump's taxes.

Armed with "two pages -- front and back of an IRS form 1040" for Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns, she breathlessly huckstered this into an attempt to boost her sagging ratings by teasing this remorselessly in the minutes running up to her 9:00 EDT show. Here is the ENTIRETY of the Slate article above with emphasis added. (I do this as a service to you all so you will not have to search and click yourselves. And, besides, it's fully attributed and published under the "fair use" rules.)

At 7:36 p.m. Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow tweeted “BREAKING: We've got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously),” sending the internet into a frenzy of theorizing. Did Maddow have Donald Trump’s tax returns or just one of the Trumps’ tax returns? Could this be it, the tax return that would bring down the Donald? If this was it, why wasn't MSNBC cutting into its programming, instead of running a countdown clock to Maddow’s show? By 8:24, Maddow was tweeting that the tax return in question was Donald Trump’s 1040 from 2005. By 8:30, still half an hour before Maddow started airing, the White House had responded to the MSNBC report, saying that Trump had paid $38 million on income of $150 million that year. An hour later, about 20 minutes after The Rachel Maddow Show started, Maddow would confirm these numbers, turning her big scoop about Donald Trump’s long-missing tax returns into a cautionary tale about overhype. Rachel Maddow, you played yourself—and us too.

“It’s been a little bit of a hullabaloo around here this evening, I apologize for being flustered,” Maddow said at the top of the hour, before confirming that her show had copies of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns, obtained by the reporter David Cay Johnston, to share with her audience. “In just a second we’re going to show you exactly what it is we’ve got,” she said, before launching, instead, into a 20-minute monologue. Maddow seemed uncharacteristically nervous as she wended her way though what could kindly be described as context and which I am unkindly describing as word salad, a long meander that was difficult to follow even without the distracting promise of a revelatory tax return at its end.

The monologue started contextually enough, with a long-winded skewering of Trump’s refusal to share his tax returns that touched on Richard Nixon, the Clintons, and his unaudited tax forms, before veering off conspiratorially. “Whether or not you are a supporter of Donald Trump,” Maddow said, “It ought to give you pause that his explanations [for not releasing his tax returns] have never made any factual sense. ...when you get an excuse from them that doesn't make sense, you have to look for another reason. What’s the real explanation? Well, choose your own adventure.” She then launched into a long hypothetical about a particular Russian oligarch’s possible relationship to Trump that touched on Florida real estate, Deutsche Bank, and Preet Bharara, that Trump’s tax returns—though not, as it would turn out, the ones she actually had—could conceivably clear up.

The longer Maddow went on, ever deeper into a conspiratorial thicket, the clearer it became that whatever tax returns Maddow had, they weren’t as juicy as the ones she was talking about. If she had anything that damning, she would have shared them from the start. TV is a ratings game, but an entire episode about highly damaging tax returns is just as likely to get you great ratings as milking the possibility that you have highly damaging tax returns, and less likely to get you compared to Geraldo. Maddow even went so far as to hold the tax returns back until after the first commercial break, as if we were watching an episode of The Bachelor and not a matter of national importance—because we weren’t, in fact, watching a matter of national importance, just a cable news show trying to set a ratings record.

After the first break—at which point the tax returns were already available on the internet and glossed by the Daily Beast—Maddow was joined by Johnston, and she began by asking him how he knew Trump hadn’t sent the returns himself. Johnston said that he could have. A few hours after Maddow finished airing, this has become a popular conspiracy theory, simply because, if Donald Trump were to share any of his tax returns, the 2005 1040 seems like a good candidate. Trump paid taxes at a rate of around 4 percent, but because of the alternate minimum tax, he also paid an additional $31 million. The form revealed that, rather than not paying taxes and making no money, Trump paid $38 million on $150 million in income. Maddow promised to pull a sordid revelation out of a hat and instead plucked out … Trump’s credibility? Maddow was soon parsing, asking Johnston to explain that Trump is currently trying to do away with the AMT, which, unfair as it may be, still wouldn’t change the amount he paid in 2005.

As the show went on, it became clear that Maddow knew she didn't quite have the scoop that had been promised. “What would we have to see, what would we hope to get in mail,” she asked Johnston, “if we were going to get to the real meat of Donald Trump’s foreign ties?”—i.e. what would be more meaningful than the tax form that we have? Speaking to Chris Hayes and Johnston, she said, “The story here to me is, a) we have obtained this [tax form], b) that this stuff is obtainable.” “BREAKING: Trump’s tax returns theoretically obtainable. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously)” does make for a less rousing tweet.

Trump’s tax returns, whatever information they happen to contain, constitute a major scoop. Maddow’s social media team ensured the highest possible ratings for that scoop. But if ever a story should have been delivered in a stentorian, fuddy-duddy, nonpartisan manner, this was it. In positioning it as a grand revelation, a vital step in comprehending Trump’s corruption, MSNBC created an exceedingly cynical spectacle. By playing into the network’s loyal liberal audience’s fantasy that there exists a Trump silver bullet, it instead delivered Trump a positive news cycle—the guy pays taxes! Who knew!—amidst the debacle of the AHCA, along with more evidence that the media is aligned against him. The lesson? Don’t tell us you have news, just tell us the news.

While the internet roils with the back-and-forth over this item, one of the more interesting outfalls was that Trump actually released the taxes in anticipation of Madcow's upcoming hype..and then jumped on her for her painful quest for ratings:

But, unheedful of the embarrassing quagmire they were about to wander into, a number of newsies jumped on board, displaying their ignorance. One reporter, hell-bent of displaying her stupidity, was caught up and zorched by Jim Hoft over at The Gateway Pundit:

But then again, she is only continuing a long-standing, almost shocking display of financial matters and tax law obtuseness. Even more stupendous was the attempt to sabotage President Trump by the NYT back during the campaign when they claimed that he "paid no taxes" for ten years. The fact that they and their cohorts ran stories and hurled invective with that as the central premise showed a profound ignorance of operating loss carry back and carry forward rules allowing a person/firm to spread their losses over several years.

What was even more astounding was the ignorance of the writers that their own company -- the New York Times -- also used this "trick". Devoid of the ability to even grasp the simplest of tax law regarding losses, it is hard to believe that any of this cabal of ignoratii would even comprehend the more nuanced aspects of business and investment. For reference here is the back story on how badly the NYT missed the point in their story on Trump's 1995 taxes.

They are truly a pathetic lot and yet they are the ones responsible for delivering the message to the media.

March 5, 2017

"We make nightmares.."

From my misspent youth where I spent several years constructing a fresh hell for America's enemies, here's a little riff that bears repeating. The opening title sequence, for the record, is:

Yea, though I work in the valley of the shadow of Death,
I fear no evil.

For where there is ONE, there is always THREE.

I preparest my aircraft to receive the iron..
..that will be delivered in the presence of my enemies.
Thy ALCM and JDAM they comfort me.

Power is given to the aircrew
to make peace upon the world
by way of the sword.

And when the call went out
"Behold the sword of Stealth"
And his name that flew with him was Death
And Hell followed him

For the day of wrath has come
And mercy shall not be given.

..think of these as the USAF's Grey Ladies.

March 3, 2017

Русские идут

The desperation truly is showing. A ton of shit thrown against the wall since late the early morning on November 9th, 2016 and so far nothing sticks. the latest mantra is this queasy, risible meme that Sessions met with the Russians only going to show how monumentally stupid the "The Stupider Party" (as opposed to the GOPe which is the original stupid party) is getting. If meeting with Russkies is a criteria for disqualification from office, then a lot of these assholes will soon be out of work:

You can add Skeletor (Nancy Pelosi) to this illustrious group as well. That lying sack of shit, it seems, has been hangin' with Putin's homeys and exchanging gifts with them since time immemorial.

Pelosi before her most recent facelift..

..and Plelosi after the face lift. (Or is is before? I get confused.)

..and now, with all that in mind, comrades, please rise, place your hand over your heart, bow your heads as we listen to a word from our sponsors.

..Спасибо, товарищи!

March 1, 2017

Goodbye, Mr Spalding!

Arguably a home run by The Donald last night. And, no, I am not some smitten moon-calf or a Kool-Aid® drinking loony. See for yourself; both Chris WallaceAND Van Jones agreed:

That was, as they say in track and field, a tough double!

But then again, there's always Nanzi Pelosi, glowering and licking her dentures:

..and the rest of the Dems in congress who dressed for the occasion:

February 28, 2017

Dig in your heels, KAC!

There is another controversy by the press corpse having a fit of the vapors over Kelly Anne Conway's informality during a recent Oval Office meeting.

Not condoning this at all because the White House is, after all, the people's house and the Oval Office is where the leader of the free world does most of his work, but it sure is convenient how Die Schwarze POTUS gets a pass from all these gasping, appalled media news gapers who were -- clearly -- upset because the bust of MLK was still present or because -- oh no -- they couldn't possibly cover the fact that Trump was taking the time to try to forge a common ground with the leaders of Black colleges.

Search for "Obama Foot on the White House Desk" and you come up with literally hundreds of pics of The Lawn Jockey POTUS with his number elevens on the people's Resolute Desk or other Oval Office furniture. (Christ, I don't think there's a stick of furnishings that does not bear this asshole's footprint!)

Here's a sample:

And, for that matter, Bush 43 and the Georgia Goober did the same:

These transgressions pale in comparison, I am sure, to what ol' Bubba did in that office -- either ON the desk or by someone UNDER the desk. And, I am sure. there are pictures of every POTUS with their feet on the people's furniture. There is probably even -- I am willing to bet -- a Courier & Ives woodcut of the Old Rail Splitter himself with his muddy boots propped up as he labored over the Emancipation Proclamation. Which, of course, doesn't make this an acceptable practice but I figure if past POTii can get away with it, then KAC can sure tuck her Jimmy Choo's up under her pretty little derriere and take a load off.

AD GRATUITOUS BUSH THOUGHT: I am sure you have seen that Bush 43 has been making the rounds of talk shows these days -- particularly with that aging, spitum-choked old skeeze, Matt Lauer. Bush has been spouting off about the problems with Trump's immigration executive order, running his mouth so carelessly that he demonstrates profound ignorance of even the most basic understanding of executive orders and their Constitutionality.

So, folks, that's just about the last fucking straw for me with this clown. Once a firm supporter of Bush during his time in office, I am officially burning my fan club membership card and sending in my CIA decoder ring. Eight fucking years during the past Jackhole's presidency and this ass clown has has not uttered a peep. But now, with Trump in office, HE CANNOT KEEP HIS GODDAM MOUTH SHUT.

That's it for you, Georgie Boy! Trot on back to the ranch, hack up some sage brush, and STICK A FUCKING SOCK IN IT!

..we really are alone, people. It's just you and me and Donald J. Trump against all of these assholes.

February 27, 2017

Sorry for this: blogging from the cheap seats.

Haven't been over here to post much recently but I just had to put this one up to preserve it. This was posted over at Sparta Notes (the ex-Hot Air, ex-Hot Gas blog, my old homestead.)

Good God in Heaven! I certainly hope NO ONE here watched the Oscars. What a monumental waste of time that could be devoted to, oh, I don't know, primering one's Jeep or cleaning out one's overflowing septic tank or sorting out one's [wife's] used Maxi-Pads or something. Of course, perusing the seven minute clips of the incredible best-movie misplacement gaffe does not count towards this downtime. More later.*

Your excellent essay notwithstanding, KJ, the bottom line is this: these self-absorbed, narcissistic, egocentrics and their mirror-fogging, mouth-breathing adherents are taking the bait..err..hook, line, and sinker!

They are bundled up in their own little world, their comfortable safe spaces, their hidey-holes from whence they hurl their absolutely frivolous invective to no effect at all save for the derision it accrues for their vacuous inanity.

*And for all of their self-congratulatory masturbation and anti-Trump opprobrium, they botched the easy pop-fly that is the centerpiece of the entire show: the award of the statue to the best movie of the year.

I mean, that's it, innit, folks? All of the rest of the stuff is mere window dressing leading up to the very reason they all parade down the red carpet in their tuxes and gowns, and assemble in all that posh glitter.


So, the dancing monkeys who, in days of yore, portrayed that heinous couple -- Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow -- pulled off another bank job as it were. (Someone cue Flatt & Scruggs' Foggy Mountain Break Down. Or, better yet, their rendition of The Beverly Hillbillies.)

The sad thing was that this wasn't just a double take, a fluff, a jump cut. The ENTIRE ensemble of La La Land paraded on stage and delivered several treacly hosannas of gratitude to everyone of the little people who made them the stars that they are today, only to be saved in the final reel when some accountant dashed in and made the correction as a mere afterthought and almost as the credits were rolling. It was so awkward that it was reminiscent of the bloopers and out-takes that appear at the end of a lot of movies.

But the aftertaste remains: if they cannot get this right, who in holy hell can they expect anyone to believe the vile sputum they eruct from their precious little enclaves?

Love to stay and chat, but I gotta deal with an overflowing septic thank.

Keepers of the Flame and their Family


I notice with alarm a rising friction between some of the HG cementers and the HG mods (as we are wont to call those two factions).

This pains me deeply because I always thought -- from last February -- most of us made the migration here from our old home -- Hot Air -- and we were all getting settled in and point in our arrows and lances and spears outward toward an avowed common enemy: the abhorrent Frau Colostomy Bag and her vile henchpersons. But, alas, some diaper rash has manifested itself and this is my feeble attempt to anoint the irritated area with baby powder and oil.

If I stick my nose in and it is unwarranted then please excuse me.

Firstly, a recap of history through my aged orbs. Note that this may not square with the official HG history of events as used to be posted here. (Seems to be missing. Will amend this post if I find it.)

I first poked my head into the interwebs sometime in late 2003 during the election between "W" and the hapless, feckless John F-ing Kerry. I was delighted to find a centerpiece to CONSERVATIVE internet activity (circa 2003 definition) in the old, now departed "Blogs for Bush". Well, I was ancient (even in those days) and internet blogging was cool, hip, and the bomb. That we had our own voice back then, that we could meet, greet, and express our love for our principles and our intense enmity for our opponents back then absolutely sent electricity through my being.

The thing that bound us together was the commenting sections of posts almost literally to the point that we could care less what the the blog poster put up, we would just rage on and on in those threads. And this raw energy would spill over and have us looking for other sites with a similar political bent. It was then that I fell upon Hot Air and, though I was not registered and the site was closed, I was able to attract Ed Morrissey's attention via e-mail and, because he used to live in Cerritos, California and we were both ham radio operators and a few other trivialities, he allowed me to gain a coveted registration. (I may be bitter at Ed for the direction that Hot Air took and that he is a woeful #NeverTrumper, I cannot bring myself despise him and am forever grateful for that kindness. I still personally like Ed as a decent human being.)

So, I joined the family that was Hot Air and it is where I spent 99% of my time making friends and enemies. Famously, one of my favorite commenters at Hot Air was Schadenfreude with whom I got into a nasty disagreement that degenerated into a couple of F**K OFFs on both our parts. But later, we thought better of it, apologized to each other, and became the best of friends. I am so very sad he did not make the pilgrimage with us in February. I miss him terribly as I do rogerb, the archivist, who could dredge up embarrassing comments made by trolls from literally years in the past and throw them in the troll's face causing a crescendo of embarrassment. And also there was Del Dolmonte and his grading system and acre of sundials.

Then, some four years AFTER I took up with Hot Air, in 2009, I started blogging. (I still do. Won't give out the URL here. I do it mostly to vent and am happy I have the smallest hit count for any political blog on the internet. I do not give a fricasseed crap who reads it or who does not.)

I shared this and another blog ( with several of my friends. And, as a matter of course, I essentially, gave the keys to the car to one guy who basically ran roughshod over the image I attempted to create. Succinctly, he was one of those guys now described as a Kruzlim -- a fanatic/purist re Ron Paul -- while I was just trying to unseat Obama, discredit him, and show the world what an incompetent fool he was. I hadn't wised up to NeoCons, the GOPe, globalists, or the other conspiracies that Trump has now flushed out of cover for us. Holy crap, give me a break! At the time, I was beginning to think that Mutt Rommel was the bees' elbows.

Anyway, his screeds grated on me until I finally relented and extricated myself from that sordid effort. (He later ran out of gas and absented himself from the site. I went in and cleaned up the mess but it was too late.)

So, I was with the old Hot Air crew for over a decade (2006 until now) and I made the migration when the guys here set up this nice place for us to drop in on.

Anyway, I prattle. But I there are four basic elements at play here:

Friendships and family. we cluster around these blogs because we essentially agree with one another and relationships develop and intensify. We literally become like family.

Change. Things change -- especially over decades -- and points of view and beliefs get sanded down, adjusted, and morph as time passes. How many of you honestly at one point or another liked John McCain or John Boehner or other Republicans because yiou believed they were a conservative bulwark against the leftists and liberals? Really? Weren't you at least a little bit relieved when we took back the House in that massive repudiation of 2010?

Blogging is hard. I do not wish to be dismissive but how many of you grate at your inability to express your feelings in writing? How many of you hate to write, period? And, how many of you would miss a ban on "embeds" because it's so much easier to just screen scrape some dippy tweet and call it a day?

Well, imagine what it's like having to scour the internet for breaking news or points of interest, compose them into human readable form, sprinkle them with attractive pictures, generally make them palatable, and suffuse them with just enough HTML to make them format-worthy, and then post them ON YOUR OWN BLOG. That's what the mods do here. They do it for free (except the ad and tip money which keeps HG a nearly break-even operaiton) and they DO have family, jobs, and lives.

We are guests. Which brings me to my final point. Any blog is like a neighbor's house not a restaurant or a bar. You can walk into a bar, track up trhe foyer and carpet with your muddy shoes, use the restroom and forget to flush, wipe up the drops, and/or leave the toilet seat up. But, I guara-damn-tee you that you cannot pull that in the War Planner household and get invited back. Same here at Hot Gas.

So, here it is summed up. The mods here busted their ass to put HG on the air and a lot of the cementers "made the jump" over to HG. We were an unruly lot and righteously pissed off when The Pillsbury Doughboy (Ed) pulled the plug on the regular commenting system. We felt like we were the poor relations getting thrown out on the street when Chrome Dome (Ed) jilted us; we felt like, by virtue of longevity, we had skin in the game. In fact, only Ed and Michelle and Allah (God crap upon him) threw into the pot. We were just visitors, guests in their house, if you will.

The HG you are reading and commenting on comes down to the present day from roots that were in the earliest of conservative blogging. The guys running the show here are keepers of a sacred flame steeped in tradition.

Sure there are other blogs. BB has a lot of luster and they are -- as Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction says -- the "Pipe hittin' Ni**as" of the conservative/Trump blogdom. But you ever dropped a comment into that voracious maw and watch it disappear into the maelstrom? It's like having an intimate conversation with 100,000 others at the NCAA College Football championship game! (Because NO ONE watches the NFL anymore, yo!)

WeaselZippers is good but it's another family, not ours. Besides, WZ's posts are no more that screen scrapes of the first few graphs and a single line witticism. Nothing wrong with it, but HG's Headlines are done much more masterfully than that. And out posts -- while over 400 words -- are well written and worth our interest.

And, God love Jim Hoft over at GWP, but his posts are scintillating flash but a cacophony of hash tags that are sometimes tantalizingly undecipherable.

CTH is noble but scant. It's one guy pulling the whole load with an open thread every twenty minutes. Day out.

ZeroHedge does really good work but the commenting is too arcane and cliquish. (Gotta admit, for all its faults, Disqus offers the "Edit" button and terrific pan-site indexing.)

Yada. Yada. Don't even get me started on those constipated sites like The Other McStain and, of course, our old elephant burial ground, Dear Air. And there's Red State, Ass of Spades, and the other #NT sites. I'd rather have relations with MeAgain Kelly, get an STD and have my winky leak like dripping faucet.

Naw, mate. the lads have a prime location here and, with promo and a good following, it can get its hits amped. (Says the owner of a veritable "one hit wonder" site.) By the way, I make it a point to at least once per day take a HG post URL with me and drop it on WZ, BB, GWP, or elsewhere. Figure it's doing my part for the cause. Besides, I am proud of the work that my homies do here, yo.

So, we are the mods' guests and we are part of a family that WE have all assembled -- whether we made the migration or are newcomers -- and we should have an underlying respect for one another. It's quite enough to have quarrels; families do that. But, like me and Schadenfreude, we are all good friends underneath it all..

..and our enemies are far more scarier that the members of our family are.

Sorry for the lecture. Just my point of view. It is how I plan on treating each of you -- mod or cementer -- and how I would like to be treated in return.

The War Planner

January 31, 2017

They will not divide us!

You know, like that guy, Shia Meatloaf's stupid-assed camera-in-the-wall shit. I predict that California will not secede from the union. (And which of you really gives a flying turd if it does?)

But if it does, it will not remain in one piece because of the vast differences in opinion on this state's regions. And, if the secession succeeds, here's how I think it will shake out: IS good as long as he does not divide the SJW weenies.

January 30, 2017

Biblical Trump

Courtesy of Tom, my retired Georgia homicide dick high-school chum:

Donald Trump is constantly bombarded by questions concerning his spirituality, alleged Christian beliefs and so forth.

He was recently asked if he could quote any Bible verses. He replied,

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Deport him and you do not have to feed him again."

Trump 20:16

..ain't life grand?

January 20, 2017

Just GTFO, Asshole!

Well, it's finally over and The Lawn Jockey POTUS and his consort, Mikey Obama, are on the big silver bird heading out to Palm Springs for four weeks of golf before he returns to D.C. By the way, once this asshole's POTUS credentials expire, the call sign on any military aircraft carrying him is no longer Air Force One. It becomes something else like "Executive One" or something.

Frankly, I prefer "Excrement One"; so much more appropriate!

But, like that guest at your party who just won't take the hint, even after the clock ran out on The Lawn Jockey POTUS kept milking it for all it's worth with hugging, grasping, and hand clutching, and yet another speech at Andrews. They needed to get get ahook to get this guy off the stage just like on the old Vaudeville days.

Good riddance, asshole. Enjoy your time off! What are the odds that they fly him back on "Excrement One" when his rent runs out in the California desert?

Well, for those into memorabilia, Here's some snippets from Drudge on January 20th, 2017:

..a, an instant..I thought would never come!

January 19, 2017

The New Sheriff Comes to Town!

..welcome to the swamp, Mr President!

January 18, 2017

The Long Goodbye: Winding down to the bitter end.. is me, heaving great, dry sobs over these poor little assholes being thrown out in the cold cruel world!

January 16, 2017

F**K Google and its Cutesy Pie Shit!

A friend of mine at work wants to go work at Google because it's got a super cool work environment what with the folks sprawling out on the campus lawns and throwing Frisbees and cavorting with their sleek, fluffy Golden Retrievers and all that Millennial Snowflake bullshit.

That shit produces kumbaya shit like this EVERY DAY:

..which induces reactions like this EVERY DAY:

In my opinion, it's why these assholes cannot get used to reality and shit. I believe that the work place should be just that: a place where people do work.