June 4, 2012

Wintour of our discontent..

"Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York..

- Duke of Gloster, Richard III, Act I Scene 1
It seems that the gang that can't shoot straight -- the Obama campaign -- has now also turned tone-deaf. Last Friday, in addition to hijacking Air Force One to go on a campaign junket thinly veiled as official business (a factory tour and speechifying sandwiched between six fundraisers), they also are going to allow the peasants a pair o' seats at their table at an upcoming NY fundraiser "hosted" by Sara Jessica "Why the long Face" Parker and Anna "I'm always in Vogue" Wintour.

The Romney/RNC Blitzkrieg did not waste any time jumping on this one:

It's a goodly part of the ad in playing in the background with those oh so uncomfortable numbers up close and personal.

How bad was this?

Even Juan Williams on Fox's Chris Matthews Sunday show gets it:

I won't dwell on the annoying accent and arrogance of Wintour as she recounts her good fortune at meeting women like Parker and "Mee-Shell Obah-Ma" but I truly wonder about a campaign whose dissonance includes bashing Romney as a One-Percenter while simultaneously seekign to raise funds with this bitch and Ferris Beuller's wife.

If any of you go, be sure to give us a report on the proceedings. I mean, we're all just waiting on pins and needles out here in flyover country..



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  1. Hey Warplanner, this is anotherJoe from Hotair. I forgot to mention in my reply to your comment (http://hotair.com/archives/2012/06/05/hume-obamas-really-going-to-have-to-go-negative/comment-page-2/#comment-5895092) that, yes, it was a crying shame that we were stuck with Fiorina. (I'm sorry you worked so hard in the futile effort.) Also, Meg Whitman for Gov wasn't much better!

    I have to say that I felt 100% confidence in my analysis of the Fiorina race, but with the current presidential race I'm a little bit skating above the fray (not as deeply involved with it as I'd like to be). You may be roughly right in your analysis, though I feel that it can't hurt to push for Mitt to attack Obama. Indeed, I see little downside in going negative. People care about issues and personalities, not campaign styles.
    Further, while people care about Romney's ability to solve problems, there is a diverse set of voters, who have different buttons. Two buttons to press: 1) things to amplify feelings of personal dislike for Obama, and 2) FEAR. Make it clear that O is a greater threat down the road.

    P.S. I like the authentic graphics for your site. Nice cold warish touch, and appropriate type face selection.