March 26, 2012

Still think another four years of The Pantload won't matter?

In a season of open-mic gaffes, The Chicago Jesus let this slip:

So think twice -- no, three times -- before you figure you stay at home in November or pull the lever for Obama as a protest against the GOP establishment and in hopes of that precious Conservative Nirvana in 2016 we all seek.

This lunatic -- unfettered by the fear of re-election -- will tag and bag this country. There will be nothing left of The United States of America  (or it's Constitution) except smoking ruins. Plan on ObamaCare becoming entrenched as yet another entitlement, an ultra-liberal SCOTUS, and him vetoing every cost-cutting budget from Congress as an effort to cement his legacy as The Black FDR.

Just sayin'.



  1. Barry's 'malaise' moment, methinks.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. We may end up having to pry his hands off the Presidency as I think he is fully capable of creating "a crisis" that may preclude his exit!! Hmm martial law, civil unrest, or war... who knows!!

  3. I've not heard the news of GOP voters staying home or voting Obama to prime the pump for 2016. What kind of morons would do that?