March 20, 2012

McNaughton does The Pantload..

Jon McNaughton has departed from his political ambivalence, it seems, with his latest rendering of Obama:

..think about it. Don;t we have better things to do than quibble over the red herrings that this asshole and his re-election people throw down.

This November:




  1. In a sense, I agree. But, if Mormonism really espouses the perfectibility of humans or the human condition, despite what we know about human nature... Then, that Mormon, big government republican, ass-wipe is the functional equivalent of a commie. They just need the 'right people' and/or regulations in charge. Ha, Ha. A difference with no distinction. Hello.

  2. The B-52. It will continue, God willing, to terrorize and kill my enemies for another 50 years. It's louder than a C-5, smokier than a KC-135 and it drops more F-bombs than your old ladies A-hole. Love the emblem kid.

  3. ..appreciate the comments; I will let them stand for now. But throttle back to cruising speed, old son.

    Also, the philosophy here is ABO; excise the cancer THEN go after the other maladies.

    The only ass-wipe in my field of vision is the one currently stinking up The People's house on Pennsylvania Avenue.