March 9, 2012

Just the numb..

..feeling that this woman might be with us for the next four years. (Frankly, these feckless images of her are etched into my mind for all eternity.)

Pardon me while I take a gratuitous and "schadenfreudistic" swipe at the FIRST MOOCHER -- material courtesy 1LT "Sky" King, my deputy squadron commander with his his commentary and captions:

The fashionista First Lady
The Boob Belt..
..another Boob Belt..
..more of same..
..and the hits just keep on coming..
..and finally, it makes an appearance at the Tomb of the Unknown.
The  Peacock Dress..
..and the Pinata Dress.
Left to right: Princess Letizia of Spain , French First Lady Carla Bruni and,
yeppers, you guessed it – Madame Double Wide herself – sleeveless, no less!

This all adds up to our beloved, endearing, WIDE LOAD FLOTUS. What more can be said?



  1. War, What on Gods' green Earth possessed you to ruin my day (except Letizia and Carla) like this?

  2. ..except for those two, pretty much a wasteland, eh?

    That photo -- the composition thereof -- and the juxtaposition of those two lovely ladies to the right of the First Stevedore -- is too much for words.

    I love the symmetry of the young ladies' posture, their synchronized gait, and their extremely tasteful choice in clothes and appurtenances. It fairly reeks of chic!

    Would that we would have a FLOTUS as beautiful and gracious -- some day.

  3. "First Stevedore"

    Friend, you just made me LMAO with that and will be forwarding the bill forthwith for the clean-up!

  4. I love the way they have to lie about everything: it's not enough that he's the new messiah, but has an ordinary-looking wife.
    These people can only comprehend shades of hyperbole - hatred of us, adoration of their own clique, and that whole vast area in between, which we cutely call rational discourse an incomprehensible wilderness to them.
    So she just has to be the most stunning, stylish, adorable first lady ever, and she still is, no matter how much evidence you accumulate.

    Very funny for those of us on Planet Sane, however.

  5. OK, calm down, I'm sure some among you appreciate a nice wide load. Holy cow, I didn't mean an entire barge! Cheap shot. Shoot me.