January 31, 2012

The old ssssssssoft shoe..

..a little traveling music, Ray.

Here's The Pantload tap dancing his way through a question from a lady whose husband has been out of work as long as this stiff has been in office. (Coincidence? I think not!)

And here's a pretty funny set of comments that address the bravo sierra Sunny Jim is laying down:
Tell your wuss husband to get a blue collar job. I work in construction and there is a severe shortage of non-wuss men. If you can get the job done without causing headaches and whining you'll get hired quick and be burried in work.
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buddyjoke [Moderator] 18 hours ago in reply to YippitySkippity

There has got to be something out there.

He has created over 22 million jobs in 3 years.
Or is it 3 jobs in 22 years?
Or is it 3 jobs in 22 million years?
Or is it 22 jobs in 3 million years?

What the heck, but it is one of those statements.
My take on this? The stupid bastard still has not fixed those goddam whistling teeth.



  1. Who cares. Just extend unemployment to 99 years. After all, that's in the Pantload's scheme.

  2. Unemployed for over three years, oh man. Give it up, Mr. semiconductor engineer man. Start baking cookies, learn to sell stuff, do something that is in demand.


    I thought all of that semiconductor engineering was done in Bangalore, India anyway. You picked a cruddy degree, pal, live and learn, give it up, idiot. Get a friggin' job, moron.

  3. gentlemen,

    I went through similar angst as a software engineer during the .dot com bust in 2002. I was out for 9 months and tried a lot of "alternative careers".

    It was tempting to cry the blues about I20 and other visas that sucked in towel-head developers from Bangalore or Hydrabad but I refrained.

    I finally got plugged back in. While I do not hold much sympathy for this guy -- I kinda get the feeling that he and his missus voted for the Bamster -- I'd like to lay a lot of this poor engineer's misfortunes at this ass-sucking pile of shit POTUS's feet.

    Sorry, but I am not feeling too charitable these days.

  4. WP:

    Yeah, IT is a rough gig these days, but THREE YEARS laying on the sofa?

    I am not sure the piece o shit POTUS has much to do with this slacker's woes, honestly. But why not: Obama has not made it easy for anybody.

  5. Hey, why does it always have to be about you?