January 1, 2012

Merry New Year!

At the inception of each year, I am always reminded of this little gem:

Hot Air chose The Pantload's lamentation "about being held to a higher standard for leadership on freedom than, er, communist China’s Hu Jintao." as their Obamateurism of the Year. Truly amazing effluvia from a man who, arguably, is not held to any standards whatsoever by his handmaidens in the sequined-knee-pad-wearing, tongue-batching mainstream press.

If he is ejected November next, one wonders -- for the sake of symmetry -- there will be an Office of the President Reject[ed]?

Also, Hot Air regular commenter Rovin remarks:

Call me paranoid, but I wouldn’t put it past them, (this current administration and/or the DOJ), to cause an internet meltdown/virus that will virtually destroy every piece of information gathered on our hard-drives. And, of course, this malicious tool will be blamed on some foreign entity by the liberal media, who mysteriously were not effected by the virus. ANYONE can now purchase a full terabyte backup hard-drive for $119.00, (and two TB’s for under $200) leaving your PC protected from a potential information disaster—a small price to pay to preserve the historic events, (and Mr. Morrissey’s OOTD’s), that this administration has undertaken to undermine the masses.

(Now back to my regularly scheduled Ketel-One Bloody Mary)

Rovin on January 1, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Which occasions my recommendation that you pay frequent visits to The Obama Fail Blog this year because we will be entering our final lap with this cretin and one does not wish to miss a minute of his flailing and lip-flapping.

..all the best; now go out and be prosperous and healthy.



  1. Happy New Year, War Planner!
    I hope 2012 is great for you.

  2. Happy New Year to you. Let the fun begin...

  3. Did you notice that the Ducks finally closed the deal on your home field in the Rose Bowl, 45-38 over the Badgers?

    Or, more correctly, it was Ucks, 45, and Bagers 38 (no 'D' to be found anywhere, we even tried to muster a search party...).

  4. Ladies and gentlemen,

    The best to all of you. I got wrapped up again at work. Bunni and Supi, thanks for gracing these portals with your delicate and lovely presence. All thje best to you as well.

    Fredd, enjoy the Ducks supremacy. Next year SUC will be back with no bowl nbans. Should be some titanic payback struggles. Seems like with our current AD and his limp-wristed minions, it will be along time until UCLA comes back to athletic prominence in FB or BB.

    P.S., love the No-D "Ucks".

    God bless all of you.