January 7, 2012

No work Saturday..

Hey, I am lazy but I worked hard all week and want to spend some time with my hobbies. I got an AR to finish (need a couple of punches from Brownells for the Bolt Catch assembly) and I want to retro-fit an LCD display on a K1EL K-42 code reader I built.

So, I thought I'd let a comment from Hot Air serve fill in for me. Rational Though was commenting on an assertion made that Romney is using the electability meme; like McCain did in 2008. The point was that McCain failed and so will Romney. Well, here it is for your reading pleasure, emphasis added:
I don’t recall McCain’s electability getting the play last time around that Romney’s is this time. I’ve Google searched it, and yeah, it was definitely there, but I do not recall it being such a big issue. I recall that it was “McCain’s turn” and all of that. I never wanted McCain — I thought Rudy was much more electable — but no Republican was going to win in 2008. Period. That is just a fact. The “financial crisis” in late September, which Bush, McCain, and that corrupt POS Hank Paulson all jumped on with their hyperbolic doomsday scenarios ended the contest. No one was going to beat the Cult of Obama in the face of a “Republican financial crisis” that was “threatening the very existence of the nation.” McCain was an awful candidate running a hideous campaign in the most anti-Republican election of my lifetime, but he STILL got 47% of the vote. I could not believe it was that close. Could not believe it. This time around, the Cult of Obama has become the Disaster of Obama. This is going to be a different election. Beating an incumbent is always hard, but it hinges on intensity against the incumbent, not for his challenger, and the intensity to remove Obama is exceptionally high, far higher than the intensity in Obama’s base to re-elect him. The only thing that is likely to screw it up is if the GOP nominates a religious zealot or a candidate who routinely appears befuddled and incompetent.

Rational Thought on January 7, 2012 at 11:35 AM
*dusts off hands*

Man, was that easy! Now, where's my soldering iron?

UPDATE: I was chastised by my dear friend, Woodsterman, who accuses me of being a tool of the establishment GOP. Odie stopped short of sinking into that deplorable state of Eeyorehood wherein one declares that Romney as the nominee will bring on another Obama victory. Some even go so far as to say that this would invite a Pantload landslide.

I humbly disagree. Odie, I loves ya like a brother and know that our friendship will not be fractured by such disagreements. And I know that this is the primary season and we must all back those candidates we feel will be the best for whatever reasons. But for those out there who DO lapse into becoming Eeyores, I have this for you: these folks are nothing more than aspirants who would be auditioning for the Randy Quaid role in a remake of Major League II:

Do you not comprehend that Obama was swept into power by people with so-called Bush fatigue and the overspending of by the Rs in Congress? Obama was a cypher, a ghost, a zero running against an old, sclerotic candidate who did almost everything to sabotage his VP running mate and yet was leading until he spazzed out on the handling of the debt crisis. Obama was not vetted by the kneepad wearing, tongue bathing, bum osculating Lame Scream Media who gave him a pass on everything while dumping on Bush, McCain, and savaging Sarah Palin viciously.

Obama now has a record on single-handedly wrecking the economy, destroying relations with our allies abroad while smooching with every spittle-flecked despot on the face of the earth. He has blown two sure victories -- Iraq and Afghanistan -- out his pimple-covered hatchet ass and has weakened our military to the point where the post-Carter's levels would seem like a Reagan-esque buildup. He has paid off cronies, foisted off green jobs as largess to his backers, and otherwise handed the NLRB to big labor on a platter.

His record smells worse than a latrine outside one of those donkey bars in Tijuana, Mexico.

Don't even get me started on his so-called Justice Department. And I have not even mentioned the stimulus and ObamaCare.

So along comes a guy who ran the bluest state in the country as a relatively conservative Republican and seemingly did a good job of it. I'll spare you the litany; I am sure there are points we can debate. . But I am so far disposed to voting and supporting Romney because I believe that he has the tools to make a good president and that he has the best chance of banishing this socialist butt-wipe to the oblivion he belongs.

My number one goal is to see that Obama is defeated.

AS I said and to be fair, this is the primary season and each and every one of us should back the person we feel would make the best president. Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Huntsman, Paul -- yes, even Ron Paul. If anyone of those are the nominee I will work my ass off to support them -- yes, even Ron Paul. I would expect the same from all of you who dislike what Obama is doing to our country. I suspect Odie feels the same way.

But the deal breaker for me are those who stamp their feet, hold their breath, take their ball and go home or otherwise throw a tantrum by threatening to cast a protest vote for some no-chance libertarian or third-party candidate. Or even worse yet: voting for Obama in the hopes that their precious little conservative nirvana will eventuate in 2016.

Flush out you head gear, new guy. There ain't gonna be a U. S. of A. in 2016 if Obama gets another four years. (Here he cues the litany of repeated vetoes of ObabaCare repeal bills and other (R) attempts to thwart him, or the ultra-liberal SCOTUS we'll end up with.)

..anyway, I made my point. Hope you understand.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.



  1. You lazy bastard. Mittens is a manikin designed by the establishment RINOs and the news media. He stands for status quo, and is endorsed by reach across the aisle Republicans.

    Now get back here and have a proper post!

  2. Reread my comment oh not so wise one. I accused you of being lazy for not having a proper post.

    I accused Mittens of being JUST LIKE MaCain! Reach across the aisle, without a backbone, at all costs. I believe he represents the status quo. If he's the last one standing after the primaries I'll vote for him, but not before.

    Now that latrine ... was that the "Blue Fox" or the "Green Note"?

  3. I could also vote for Romney by holding my nose, if he;s 'our' guy. But that only takes a thumb and forefinger.

    With McCain in 08, it took a damn gas mask...

  4. An Obama '16 victory will be a net gain for freedom in the long term.


    Romney's statism will (and has never) shown any objective, substantial, or measurable difference from Obama's. Problem is, a Romney victory will put the partially aroused American people back to their slumbering.

    Four years of "Obama with a mandate" will galvanize the American people for real freedom more than anything. In 2016, we will have a galvanized liberty-craving electorate, and a fractious (not united, as now) democrat party.

    The Dead Elephant party is offering no substantial alternative to the party of Obama.

    Republican and Democrats are both sides of the same Statist coin.

    You can call me all the names you like. I believe one way or the other, it doesn't matter, because Obama will most likely win this year.

    Politicians are the symptom, not the problem.


  5. Fredd,

    Sorry for the late reply; been busy. Thank you both for your offer of ABO and for the colorful metaphor.

    Best of lux to the Dux while the Bruinz sux.

    AP: see the latest post on the site; I wanted to respond to your views in the broader sunlight up there.

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