January 1, 2011

The more things change..

..the more this a**hole stays the same.

The Obama Fail blog chronicles -- in the fine style it does virtually every day -- how the Epic Pantload, Mr Hashmark-drawers, has rung up another mega-million dollar vacation on your and my tab:

There are only two certainties in life - President Obama loves to relax and he loves to spend your money. So it should come as no surprise that Obama's latest vacation is going to cost taxpayers a pretty penny..

I recommedn that you make it a regular habit to visit that site and give the author an "atta boy" comment, a pat-on-the-back, or whatever for his fine efforts going on his third year now.



  1. And what does it say of the generation who propelled this stuffed shirt into office?

  2. Supi, thanks. We need to keep this guy going and your suypport will be appreciated.

    LL, I dunno but I am sure not impressed with their decision making abilities. Of course, these are the same clowns who were mostly in college when they voted for Mr Hopey-Changey and who are now in the breadlines because the pantload and his cronies trashed the economy.

  3. Have you ever seen that metrosexual's golf swing? It's just another way he tries to embarrass this country.