January 7, 2011

Help us out here in California..

Sorry for the stagnant blog. I've been real busy working on some work and fun stuff and have some personal things to take care of, so I haven't had time to think up and write clever stuff -- not even to bag on our Beloved Metro-sexual Pantload POSOTUS -- so I am going to jam in something that ought to make your blood boil and call it a day.

But before I do, if you are visiting this blog from out of State (or are even a Californian sick of the crap that our state gummint pulls) then I am begging and pleading you: WRITE YOUR U. S. CONGRESSMEN AND TELL THEM NOT TO BAIL OUT THIS SORRY-ASSED STATE AND ITS LIB POLITICIANS, LIB RETARD CITIZENS, THE ILLEGAL ALIENS, THE WELFARE QUEENS, THE PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS, AND THE TEACHERS' UNIONS WHO JAMMED US INTO THIS JACK-POT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

..and now, on with the show:



  1. It is amazing what CA libs think up. Don't work too hard and have tons of fun stuff.

  2. Well done vid. So sad for us Californians. When will the utopia end!

  3. I've been wanting to move for years. I just can't talk the little woman into it yet.

    DO NOT let the Feds bail us out !!!