May 27, 2017

Keep f**king that chicken, Hillary!

Too got not to run at the front of this post:

I hang out at three blogs regularly: The Sparta Report (expatriates of Hot Air formed Hot Gas and then renamed it The Sparta report), Weasel Zippers, and Jim Hoft's The Gateway Pundit. All have their compelling reasons to visit. The Sparta Report is kind of a home with family: many of the folks who I soldiered with since 2006 when I started all of this internet nonsense. But it is run by working stiffs who have day jobs and, while they do a superb job of getting up commentary, it's sometime a little late to arrive. I have little room to complain given that I suffer from the same malaise in that there are demands on my time between 0800 and 1700 each weekday. But I love those folks and treasure our electron-fueled association.

Weasel Zippers attracted me early on because of its stellar war porn and topical immediacy. I mean, where else can you see flying Jihadi BPs, goat-humping idiots hooting "aloha snackbar" shooting themselves in the foot, or the ka-rumpf of a Hellfie missile viewed in a chopper target cam. WZ puts up a headline, an explanatory picture and a witty one-to-two sentence remark and let's the commenters take it form there.

But the Gaterway Pundit takes the cake when it comes to commenter and the images they post. In a recent post, there was a discussion of how the delusional Hippo flanks still refuses to that responsibility for her dreary loss last November. The images verge on the sublime to the ridiculous. Here are some for your viewing pleasure.

..and here are a few from the treasure trove over at WX:

..and as they say, ""


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