December 6, 2015

#OurLivesDon'tMatter: The Diversion..

 So a lot of you are probably wondering why The Dickless Pharaoh chose to yammer at us in Prime Time to all of us about the Workplace Gun Violence in San Burning-Doo-Doo last week.

While I ain't gonna spend a lot of time here setting up the premise, quoting, rehashing, or anything more that give that jerkwad prez more exposure than he already has -- you are all big boys and girls and can read, Google, and research for your selves -- I will say this: he's going after our guns and not-those dick-hair-bearded R.O.P. goat humpers and their ugly, berka-wearing, Moo-hammed-supporting brides to (1) never let a good opportunity go to waste and (2) to draw attention away from how incredibly fucking stupid his policy of letting the Syrian refugees into our country.

I mean, this policy of accepting these folks knowing full well and good that there will undoubtedly be some terrorists in their midst has only been out of the box for a couple of months and there have been two shocking examples of how this is gonna play out. One in France that took 130 innocent lives and now one in California's IE (Inland Empire) in which these assholes slew 14 people at a "holiday party" and injured countless others. This is certainly another classic definition of stupid, innit?

And now, penis breath proceeds to lecture us about how giving up our guns will cause this stuff to cease and desist? Forget all the stats rolling in about gun violence in states and countries having the strictest gun laws, forget the stats about gun violence occurring at so-called "soft targets", gun free zones like schools, shopping malls And so on.

Well, he does this because it will get us all wound up about gun control and make us forget about how he wants to drag several hunnert thou of this rag-headed buddies and if we are frothing at the mouth about the possible loss of a constitutional right, we will not pay attention to the shit he is trying to pull.

I dunno, I am just spit-ballin' here and sort of scatter-gunned this post to show what I think are his motives. As I said, I ain't gonna bust my ass developing a college thesis on this premise; just lay it out there and let you run with it. But, how else could you describe his stupidity?

But, before I go, here's an exit question for you: how did a middle-class working family raising a new kid and struggling to make ends meet manage to scrape together enough money to buy all the ordnance they used in the perpetration of their heinous deed?

Ponder that!

UPDATE: This was posted BEFORE the dickless wonder made his memorable speech. (You know, it was the one where he lectured us on not approaching this crisis like adults and not willing to give up one of our most sacred rights" that of gun ownership and self-defense NOT the one he gave to all the swankees at the reception.)


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