November 20, 2015


Post of the day from Hot Gas:

Don't believe how devastatingly terrible The Pharaoh's war on ISIS has been? here's more:



  1. Only a year left of Barry and his pacifist administration.

    Neville Chamberlain was more aggresive than Barry. Compared to Barry the Meek, we're talking about Neville the Terrible.

  2. Fredd,

    You have a point; as ever I look forward to his departure frlm the WH except that he will probably be succeeded by that big, fat criminal cunt, Empress Pantsuit.

    Tangentially, wonder which one of us is enjoying the college football season the least? Oregon with its honest losses or the untrained, undisciplined UCLA Bruins? My money is on Mora running the table (losing versus Utah and USC), ending up 7-5, and to some toilet bowl on Christmas Eve.

    At least, Oregon will bounce back with better players in the upcoming drafts. UCLA will continue to suck with Mora, Mazzone and the rest of the clods.

    ..have a great holiday season.


  3. WP:

    I attended the Oregon loss at Michigan State. What a let down, to say the least. Losing Marcus Mariotta to the NFL was enormously damaging to our offense. And we never did have a defense, not really. We just outscored people, worked like a charm.

    Going from the national championship game to a three-loss team is like a punch in the gut. But it's not like the coach can simply insert another QB into this system and carry on. "Hey, you, what's-your-name, get in there and win that Heismann!" That just doesn't happen. THe old "next man up" crap doesn't work with the QB position, other than at USC (your favorite foe).

    UCLA has not really had the same ups and downs as Oregon, so you are not as surprised to see UCLA in the Toilet Bowl as I am to see Oregon suck it up in those crap bowls.

    Last year UCLA went to the Alamo Bowl, whereas Oregon was in the Alamo Bowl the year before that (I saw that one in person, Mac Brown's last game at Texas, what a mess San Antonio is).

  4. Fredd,

    But Oregon will be back in the hunt. Mora and Mazzone just recruit 4- and 5-star talent and burn them to the ground. None ever develop under that staff, they just get worse. The offense is predictable, Hundley - and Now Rosen - got/will get sacked or will have to play over their heads just to get first downs or move the ball. Four years straight being among the most penalized teams in D1 FB plus constant injuries are symptomatic of a program without discipline.

    The problems are systemic at UCLA. They go to the AD, Guerrero, and his incompetent staff. Take a look at the once-respected basketball program. It's a joke! Same deal: no discipline, no development. Just good enough to put butts in paying seats.

    But the worm may be turning. Rose Bowl and Pauley Pavilion attendance is way off and season ticket sales at the RB have declined to the point where they are imposing a surcharge to "suport other, non-revenue sports".

    L. A. isn't like Eugene. There's competition here for the entertainment dollar. If UCLA isn't the bomb, folks will opt to spend their dollars on USC football, the Kings or Ducks hockey, or the Lakers. And you end up with mouth-breathing rich alums who just want to go to Pasadena to tailgate and make the scene because it's the thing to do.

    For the inside dope on all this, sample to see what real fans think.

    By the way, personal EM is k6whp at ARRL dot net. Drop a line some time.

  5. ..and here's a big bird to you too, Odie!

    Say hello to the gang for me. I am just tickled that you and Steve (Fredd) and Larry (LL) keep coming back. I'll fire this up when the events get hotter and the Beached Whale tries to succeed the Dickless Pharaoh.

    True and loyal friends! Stay safe and get into the hunt!