September 26, 2015

Newsflash: Lying Cunt trails Socialist in NH

CNN poll has this festering twat in the tank to the commie grandpa from Vermont by 16 points.

Who the fuck cares. I hope she dies of toxic shock. The MSM is just teasing us with this and what they refer to as The Trump Clown Show. When it gets down to the short strokes, they'll drag her immense white, privileged, felonious ass across the finish line and we'll be saddled her for eight years.

Of course, commie Dems will be thrilled, the GOPe will revel in business as usual, the right wing bloggers will enjoy tons of click-bait posts by virtue of the outrage, Hannity and BOREeilly and Megn (*"The Twat") Kelley and the rest  of FNS will bask in their sky-high ratings from the Dentucreme-and Depends crowd who watches them for their nightly ration of controversy..

..and the fucking Mooz-lem sand niggers will hack off heads and rant about how shitty the U. S. is.

In other words, it's bread and circuses for we proles and life goes on.

Editorial note: you don't like the tone and profanity, then pound sand. I have put up with this bullshit from the folks who control our lives too long to keep a civil tongue. There are plenty of other sites where they treat the flushing of our country into the toilet with kid gloves and click-bait outrage headlines.



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