December 21, 2013

No shit, Sherlock!

(Sure am glad I was never stationed at Minot AFB.)



  1. Precisely why I chose the navy. The harbors have to be ice-free and you end up in places like Rota, Naples, Pearl Harbor, Virginia (which can be chilly) and San Diego.

  2. PS - Guam was Navy turf, but the USAF horned in and built Anderson AFB. I never begrudged them that, though.

  3. Larry:

    But you also end up at sea in the North Atlantic, the North Pacific, the Roaring Forties or, worse, the Sixties where there is essentially no land mass to block the progress of wind and wave.

    Combined with greasy pork chops served in the mess and a rolling destroyer, I'd O.D. on Dramamine.

    But it underscores one thing: the military endures hardships -- even at the risk of life -- that no civilian would and yet the fat-assed, privileged elite gummint sees fit to cut their pay and benefits.