December 6, 2013

Doing the Numbers

The November numbers are out and -- under ordinary circumstances like the pre-President Stool Sample Era -- it would look dismal. A mere 203,000 jobs added and the basic unemployment rate down to 7.0% and, no doubt, the MSM singing hosannas to President Shit-for-Brains and his gang of mental midgets. But, in reality, the 203,000, if my handy abacus is correct, will get back us back the millions this dirtbag's administration has shovel-readied into the ditch by sometime in late 2087 when you and I will be worm food.

Putting it in perspective is a a brace of comments by ITGuy over on Hot Air that nail down some interesting stats:

ITGuy is a resource: repeatedly, he puts up very interesting stats and analyses that pierce the leftist socialist-commie propaganda bubble and puts things in perspective. You know, the kind of person that calls attention to such Orwellian statements lies like "the weekly chocolate ration has been raised from 30 grams to 25 grams."

Here are his links for your reading pleasure:

"If we had the same level of employment that we had during the last month of a Republican House, Republican Senate, and President Bush (63.4% Employment-Population Ratio in December 2006), instead of the 58.6% employment we have now, then well over 11.8 Million more Americans would be employed!"

"According to BLS table A-1, the civilian noninstitutional population age 16 years+ in November 2013 was 246,567,000."

"The Employment-Population Ratio for November was the same as September… 58.6%, which was yet another below-average month for Obama."

..and, for grins, here is the graph, ITGuy was referring to:

For those historically challenged, January 2003 through January 2007, Republicans controlled the House and Senate and held the Presidency. In January 2007, those horrid, festering piles of pig afterbirth -- otherwise known ad Pelosi and Reid commandeered Congress and, in January 2009, the Great Turd ascended to the throne where he and they and their party have had their hands on the controls of most of gummint.


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