November 29, 2013

Start planning for your ride off into the sunset, Asshole!

According to the Asshole Broadcasting Consortium, President Shit-for-Brains might stay on in DC.

“So we’ve gotta—you know we gotta make sure that she’s doin’ well… until she goes off to college,” the president said. “Sasha will have a big say in where we are.”
..fine, whatevs. Here's hoping that after POTUS-hood, President Stool Sample has more time from his incessant rounds of golf and vacations to take diction lessons and can drop that repugnant ghetto-speak affectation. Maybe he can hire a decent orthodontist to fix his godddam whistlin' teeth while he's at it!

But, I really, really just wish the son of a bitch haul his glistening man-boobs and his fat-assed Wookie wife off to Hawaii and get eaten by a shark.


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