November 4, 2013

Separated at Birth?

Just sayin'..

But, while I usually bag on Huge Hewitt-less, I have a few good things to say about him today. I live in Southern California and my drive time -- when not occupied by amateur radio two meter FM -- is consumed by a quest for conservative talk radio. Among the folks I listen to are Larry Elder o KABC 790 or the afore-mentioned Huge on KRLA (formerly KIEV) 870. But, sometimes Hewitt drives me to distraction with his insufferable smugness and interminable bleating of middle-of-the-road conservatism. At times, he is supremely formulaic and his rambling about Ohio and Cleveland (his home ground) and his braying about "con law" and his years in the Reagan (Nixon?) administration(s) make my ears hurt.

But there are occasions when he is on fire and hits it out of the park (he said mixing metaphors). Last week was just such an occasion. It seems that there was this lefty bag of shit writer/columnist for the Los Angeles times who arrogantly and on the basis of a 5-minute interview claimed he has now and forever debunked all of the claims of people who had their health care policies cancelled. Of course, Hugh took him to task and, in the ensuing debate (wherein the lady who was the subject of the article was called back in) exposed Shit Bag's lies, misrepresentations, and pettifoggery. Read about it here. It's absolutely rich.

Now, if only Hugh would do that more often, I'd visit him more often in the afternoon.


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