July 21, 2013

"What difference does it make?"

Well, old Helen Thomas has started her dirt nap and I cannot say that I am the least bit sad. In fact, I am not anywhere as close to being as despondent as I was when Ted "The Chappaquiddick Breast Stroker" Kennedy began pushing up daisies. And, I can assure you, ladies and gents, there was not a wet eye in the War Planner manse.

War Planner overcome by grief at the news of Ted Kennedy's passing.
So instead of seeing pictures of old Helen wafting around the internet like the one below:

..we'll have to get a pick and a spade, trudge out to Forest Lawn or somewheres, bust a sweat and see something like this:

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure which image is more startling. Either way, I am just wonderfully happy that the old bag has cashed it in and -- as a result of her hateful, ugly feelings bubbling to the surface causing her to dwell in ignominy in last years -- pleased as punch she's not around anymore.

Oh, and if your some lib wandering by here and want to make a comment on what an evil person I seem to be, this is for you:


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  1. I wouldn't waste a lot of effort to find the plot, but if it was convenient, I'd wander over and lift a leg on it.