July 22, 2013

Afterburner == Blowtorch

Bill Whittle is a very calm, logical person. He editorializes over on Pajamas Media (you Google it) and publishes a regular editorial he calls "Afterburner". It is delivered in a very calm, logical style that strips hypocrisy and faithlessness to the bone. The subject of his editorials -- more appropriately, the objects thereof -- are left bleeding and broken in their wake.

I enjoy these pieces because, as you can see from my previous  post, I like goo and gore..

(..NOT! Things just lined up that way.)

Anyway, here is Mr Whittle on the subject of the "Trayvon is a little angel" mantra that the left and the media ("What's the difference?) were laying down.

..someone call an ambulance.


1 comment:

  1. Bill Whittle must be a racist or he wouldn't be bringing up all of these inconvenient facts.