May 8, 2013

I NOT pay the ransom..

O.K., Odie, before you get all hot and bothered, remember it's NOT Friday, it's NOT 1955, and it's NOT a Vargas. But the picture of the babe above is certainly interesting, innit? I mean, right down to the old-fashioned shirred bathing suit with the bullet bra top.

So anyway, this picture of the hot number in the service bay of a gas station is making the rounds with the advisory that this is a shot of NANCY PELOSI in her yute. (That's youth for those who have not seen My Cousin Vinnie.) And I guess that leaves a lot of us semi-older guys with decidedly mixed feelings.

However, a little research reveals that this is a fake. Well, if you believe Snopes and the other sources, maybe it's not so then you can turn the lust dial back up to "11". Or?

In any event, thanks to Rick D. for the moment of distraction. Now back to work.

Miss Lube Rack, indeed!



  1. Miss Lube Rack doesn't look a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West.

  2. Who cares, lube up the back side ... she's mine ... oops there went you "G" rating.

  3. Hey WP, Odie, I did know these here blogs came with a G rating............:-D

  4. Most of you don't know that the War Planner was a porn star in his early life. "BUFF Stroker"