May 15, 2013

End of perp..

Shooting took place in March. Middlefield, OH. Female MOS lost left index finger (had a month on that Dept). Male MOS slight injuries to thigh (back on the job). Perp fired 37 rounds from AK. DOA. Guy pulled over for running Stop sign. Had another 8 mags for AK with 40 rounds each, books, DVD's on improvised explosives, etc. No criminal record.
(Thanks, Rick.)


  1. Shooting suspect displayed a very bad sense of tactics and he ended up bleeding out on the pavement. I'm not going to QC what the bad guy could have done but the officers kept to what cover they had and simply drilled the guy until he died. Not bad tactics for the officers.

  2. ..understand, LL, looks like he got a jam (37 out of 40 round in the clip) and they caught a break.

    The interesting thing to me as a civilian is that the officer emptied his clip (18 rounds) into the asshole. Even though it's probably a 9mm, that's enough to cause serious lead poisoning.

    *affects Jimmy Cagney imitation*

    "You dirty rat! I'm gonna fill you so full of lead that when you sit down , you'll make pencil marks!"