December 16, 2012

Oregon, Connecticut..

A disclaimer: I am torn by the anguish that must be felt by the parents and relatives and friends who lost their loved ones in Oregon and Connecticut. It's a terrible thing. And, yes, I DO know how this can be solved but you probably don't care because -- being a gun hater -- CCW probably shocks the living crap out of you. More later.

I wondered why the shooting in Oregon -- where the perp was using an AR-15 -- didn't earn more anti-gun screaming headlines. I mean, this is one of the assault weapons that are the favorite targets of the anti-gun crowd. Well, this was sent to me by my friend Lieutenant "Cappy" Robertson and it goes a long way to show why that incident go buried by the media:

The source of the video, The Easy Bake Gun Club blog, turns out to be an excellent source on debunking the media hysterics and provide regular features on why gun owners should not be intimidated by the liberal media and politicians screaming for their second-amendment rights to be abridged.

I'll leave it to you stew over this if you are anti-gun or do the research if you like. The blog is an excellent resource. I'll also leave you with two questions to ponder:

Why isn't Obama shedding tears around the clock for the poor unfortunate folks of his home town who suffer from criminal gun violence?

Why did the Obama administration allow school security funds lapse? might want to also check out the murder statistics on Wikipedia. It shows 75% of the murders in Illinois are committed with a gun which is second in the nation and California at 72% is fifth in the nation. The leader with almost 80% is Louisiana. (Think New Orleans.)

"When seconds count, law enforcement is minutes away."


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