December 31, 2012

Hollywood's got the waterfront covered on this one, boss..

This came via Drudge on this last day of 2012. Apparently, there was one of those sob-sister, bleeding-heart sober-stares-at-the-camera-because-I-am-your-friendly-local-celebrity-for-gun-control commercials that was just begging to have these hypocrites' bloody, violent snips pasted between their pathetic bleating for the government to strip this country's citizenry of a constitutional right. Ligths, camera, action, roll film:

Aside from the chuckles these airheads cause with their hypocrisy, it raises a good point. Ask yourself which would be more incentive for an orange-haired loon or reclusive, autistic nut-job to -- er -- go ballistic, watching any of the movies shown here or watching an NRA gun safety training film?

UPDATE: Here is a follow-up sent by The X. O. again:
On Sunday December 17, 2012, 2 days after the CT shooting, a man went to a restaurant in San Antonio to kill his ex-girlfriend. After he shot her, most of the people in the restaurant fled next door to a theater. The gunman followed them and entered the theater so he could shoot more people. He started shooting and people in the theater started running and screaming. It’s like the Aurora, CO theater story plus a restaurant!

Now aren’t you wondering why this isn’t a lead story in the national media along with the school shooting?

There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone. So since this story makes the point that the best thing to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, the media is treating it like it never happened.

Only the local media covered it. The city is giving her a medal next week. Just thought you’d like to know.

..of course, you do not hear shit about this from the MSM who prefer to use the violent, unhandled events to promote their agenda.


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  1. You'll just never get it, WP. We simply have to demand with forceful language that evil guys turn in their guns.

    And to 'bullet-proof' this logical method of stopping evil guys from killing, we will pass restrictive gun laws that the evil people are DUTY BOUND to obey.

    Guys like you will never get it, WP. The solution is SO simple...