July 7, 2012

Welcome to Ohio..

..now go home!

The Obama campaign bus is welcomed to the Buckeye State by an adoring throng.

..from Licianne dot com and my comrade-in-arms, schadenfreude, over at Hot Gas.



  1. The only salute this asshole deserves...

  2. Nice picture. This is "Mord" from HotAir saying hello and "I'll be back".

  3. It's sad that this man stands alone. There should be millions of other people standing right along with this man. Good show. Come on America join in the salute.

  4. “Can’t I just eat my waffles, sweetie?”

    The sad thing is after O goes down he's still going to be in our face for years, dancing about like a ---, and making boatloads of $ selling his books or whatnow. A shame.