February 6, 2012

..and a president for jail time..

From 1LT Kevin King, USAFA:


  1. I just found this site and then came across this photo - I'm trying to type this while laughing like crazy. Love this site

  2. USAFA vs. USAF? Explain please.

    But of course there is the USAF, and there are targets, don't wanna be on the ground.

    B-2's over Iran, if we had a C-in-C.

  3. What to they call it, the MOP? 30k lbs, B-2 can drop it.

  4. John,

    Probably late to the dance on this one -- hope you get back to view my reply -- but the USAFA, in this case, is the USAF Auxiliary also known as the Civil Air Patrol. Back in the post-9/11 days when I was casting about in an effort to volunteer for my country, I visited the USAF recruiters offering my services as a former captain in the Air Force. The thinking was that they might want to stick me at a desk and free up a younger, abler officer for duty in the field.

    After the gales of laughter died away, one was kind enough to recommend I investigate the CAP as an alternative. I did so and have been a member ever since. I am now the squadron commander of the Long Beach squadron (one of the larger in the California Wing) and we -- the CAP -- regularly participate in Search and Rescue missions and exercises (SARs and SAREXs) as well as provide over 90% of the USAFs CONUS SAR capability. (It's cheaper to let some fat, old guys volunteer to drive around the sky in $250,000 Cessna 182s and 206s than it is to gin up several aircrews flying gazilion dollar USAF aircraft -- much of it not suited for the low-and-slow loitering searches we do.)

    In any event, it is my way of giving back to my country.

    Hope this helps.