December 20, 2011

Turn out the lights, the party's over..

The North Koreans put their old boy into the display case today:
Makes a nice banquet centerpiece, don't you think? Just stick an apple in his mouth.
Man, the amount chicken fat and make-up that went into making that stiff presentable on his bier must've set a Guinness record. And, you know NK's don't have a sense of humor when they don't dress up their dictator -- known laughingly to the rest of the Free World as Pajama Boy -- in a set of PJs for his final nap.

Here's the Pajama Boy with his successor son, Melon Head, back in the days when he was vertical:
"Hey dad, when this is done, can we roast a couple of Fox Terriers? I'm starving!"
..the real mystery here is that why would millions of people elect to be subjugated and starved by creeps like this? Must be something in the dog meat they eat.



  1. "Melon Head" ... You got me oh great one. Turned my head just in time to avoid spraying new computer with honorable rice wine.

  2. Now that your 'Fresh Dictator' is 'day old,' can I get it for .79 cents a pound?

    I had in mind whipping up some 'Beligerent Burgers' or maybe some 'Belicose Kabobs' tonight...