December 16, 2011


From my friend, Kevin "Sky" King:

I was sitting at a traffic light yesterday next to a carload of politicians when a big tractor-trailer drove right over the top of their car! Flattened it!

"Wow!" I thought, "That could've been me!" I went and got a Commercial Driver's License.


  1. I'm going to cross post this.

  2. Some might suggest that this post is mean spirited. That's why I like it.

    Like the old joke, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that a bus load of legislators just went over the 500 foot cliff, smashed into the ground below and burst into a fiery ball of flames.

    The bad news: there were a few empty seats.

  3. ..or what do you call a half-full bus of lawyers going over a cliff?"

    ..a good start.