September 29, 2011

Taking a sabbatical..

"I'll be back.."
Recent professional and personal events have conspired to demand what spare time I have. I am engaged in a new project at work that will require almost superhuman diligence on my part to accomplish. (Note that means superhuman for me; you folks probably would not have to break a sweat.)

I realize that we are under no obligation to alibi our absences, but I wanted to be respectful and courteous to my visitors/readers ~~ All ten of you.

Besides, I am just too overcome emotionally to continue blogging here for the short term as I await with unmitigated anxiety the resolution of Hugo Chavez's health crisis. I fear this guy is on his last legs and I need to mentally and physically prepare myself for mourning his loss.
When did you ever see anyone get fatter when they underwent chemo?
Should the unthinkable eventuate, I wanted to hold an honorary wake in his memory and invite all of you to join me at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, California where me might celebrate observe his passing.

Should be good times; we'll get so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o wasted!



  1. No rest for the weary! Be back soon!

  2. Good luck with the new project. See you when you get back.

  3. Best wishes to you on your efforts. We will be here when you return, no worries.

  4. God bless you ladies and thanks for your sentiments. It's just that with things happening -- er -- fast 'n furious on the political front and my new project coming up. any pathetic bleating I attempt would only be "me too" noise.

    It's gonna be too fun to watch and see what happens with Obama in the coming months, believe me. And I will be lurking around all ya-all's blogs as well.


  5. Take care, TWP. I'll look forward to seeing you posting again (love the encore one).