September 4, 2011

Sarah versus the A.B.Os

..this ain't me; this is from Drudge today.
Kingjester is another conscience of conservatism, a gentleman from Mississippi who writes thoughtfully about all that is right with this philosophy and all that is wrong with The Chicago Jesus and his ilk. The hallmark of his posts are careful attribution, citation, and a good degree of wit. The blog is, by any account, entertaining and informative reading.

However -- and this is not a "however" in the usual sense -- KJ advocates for Sarah Palin and I fear that these sentiments may cloud reason ~~ not KJ's, but most others who would become resentful if Palin enters the GOP race and does not garner the nomination.

My regular hangout -- Hot Air -- sees these wars being raged and the sniping has become vicious. Too many times there are those who comment "I will stay home if Romney wins the nomination" or even "I will vote for Obama rather than give a RINO my vote".

To that end, on a recent post he did on Sarah Palin's Iowa speech, I commented as follows over on his blog:

For the record, I am a Sarah Palin fan -- not a Palinista, a fan -- but I believe her value to this campaign is not as nominee or commander-in-chief but rather as voice of the conscience of conservatism.

Her hesitancy to declare (or to declare NOT) is becoming tedious and I suspect has already damaged her reputation. There is poll after poll pointing out how she will lose to Obama and Republicans and conservatives say they would never vote for her, etc. (The latter citation is an old Quinnipiac poll; I could not find a reference to the most recent one that stated some 70-plus percent expressed similar feelings.)

Also for the record, I am very conservative, worked my tail off for Palin (not McCain) in 2008, and will do so again if she is the nominee. But at this juncture I and many are ABO (Anybody But Obama) voters and we will also work equally hard for Perry or Bachmann -- even Romney.

It's nice to have the luxury of principles when there is no threat to this country but these are not such times. What that incompetent boob has wrought with his clown troupe administration and accomplices in Congress is criminal and another four years of this will see the destruction of this country.

Doubt me? How about the historical first of the credit downgrade and the unending string of unemployment figures and low job creation numbers -- culminating in the 0.0 this past month?

Not carping; I am just another poor slob in the crowd who believes this country needs saving.

I took the liberty of cross-posting this with reference to your post on my blog.


The War Planner
Believe me, I do not condone nor approve of the GOP offerings like Dole or McCain -- particularly in these times -- but I do fear the prospect of another four years of this bumbling incompetence and downright leftist agenda. As stated above, I will work for whomever wins the nomination but it is my belief that Ms Palin -- as dynamic and as vivacious as she is -- would provide the other side with a lot of negative campaign material and would bring disaffection and disappointment to us in 2012.

She is a darling and has a history of eventually winning all of her battles, but her place in this fight is to help us win the Presidency and the Congress.


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  1. Buddy Boy, You, as me, will vote for the republican nominee and no one else. We will hold our nose to some, but vote for them we must to get this country RIGHT again!