February 23, 2011

Hampster Dance..

Consider the lowly, outdated North American F-86 Sabre Jet. Small, personable, a far cry from the Thud or the F4 Phantom. (A jet dedicated to the proposition that, with a powerful enough engine or two strapped to its ass, anything will fly.)

No sir, the F-86 saw us through the Korean war and guarded our skies during the fifties. It was graceful and sleek and probably fighterdom's equivalent to the MGB GT, Triumph's Sprite, or the Mazda Myata.

Yet it held it's own against the Migs in the skies of Korea.

There are a number of You Tube videos out there that show the Sabre back in the day and those wonderful, venerable restored beauties that are still flying. It is said that these can be owned and made airworthy for just above five figures. I stumbled on the video below that flew in the face (sorry) of the mother-hen, safety-concious USAF of today. Here some very, very clever people in the 526th "Moonshine" FIS. Some real hot rocks guys with a flair for the intervelometer techniques, truly humorous stuff and some eye-popping gags.

..imagine an Air Force unit today pulling the stunts these guys did -- with brand new jets to boot!



  1. Now that was just plain silly ... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. It looks as though they knew how to manage stress. In today's politically correct world, I expect that they deal with stress by watching their commander-in-chief read from a teleprompter.