February 17, 2011

For Fredd..

"Obama Sucks!"

Note to the folks: sorry for the hiatus; I am trying to understand how to get my $100 Tektronix 7704A to work correctly.  Visualize the 2001 scene shere the apes first encounter the monolith.

Here's what we're dealing with:

..and Tek gratuitously put this vid on You Tube:

..pass the Sominex.


  1. That was interesting but have to ask; What does it do and or what is it for?

  2. There are some interesting forums. I will admit I like the photo of one where a man got it to work again. It was turned off.

  3. If you stare into the 7704A too long and then go out and throw a bone in the air with unbridled joy (2001), I'll really start to worry.

  4. LL- I hope he has a dog that loves to play fetch. That can be his cover story. Wink-wink