January 19, 2020

Nadler Eructs on Eve of Trial

It seems that we are all teed up and ready to go for Tuesday's "Peach 45 Shit Show Part Deux -- The Trial" and our old bud, Jerry "Cold Cut Combo" Nadler is speciously out-gassing about how Trump was a Blue Meanie to all of us.

We dutifully roll our eyes and click our tongues but, you see, here's the deal: he is one of the "House Managers" in the upcoming impeachment trial. This presumably means that this asshole along with six other assholes and asshole-ettes will be standing up in the well of the Senate, exuding verbal diarrhea like this.

Now, before the cynics here start the boos and catcalls, while all most the dems will absorb this aural Hershey Squirting and nod placidly, MOST of the [R]s will not. (I'm looking at you, Willard and Murky-kowski!)

Any way you slice it, the vote totals run far short of 67 to convict. Those wanting a quick dismissal should abuse themselves of this fact: the quicker this is dealt with, the more the Dems can make the case that "the Republicans are in this with Trump and Ruskies", etc.

You WANT all this crap to come out -- with the Senate giving every evidence of a fair and impartial hearing -- because the Dem diarrhea will turn off the American public like it did during the House phase. The three-corner bank shot in the deal is that the longer they are allowed to carry on, the more Warren and Sanders have to sit with their assholes Super Glued™ to their seats and unable to campaign.

Added into the bargain is the fact that "Hoover" Hunter and "Sloe Joe" Biden will be called on as witnesses UNDER OATH to spill their guts as well.

Thus all major POTUS candidates are stained and tainted -- except for Homeaux Boi, Ying Yang, Klou-Boo-Char, Tulsi the Grabber, and the other minor luminaries -- including the ex-Midget New York City Mayor.

So, have another sammich, Jerry, you look famished.

I am becoming moist!

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