August 17, 2018

Some Occasional Kotex Bringdowns..

Who's ready for some Occasional-Kotex take-downs? You know, the Bronx Bartendress ditzy airhead who outpointed Dem powerhouse Joe Crowley in the first half?

Well here's some gems that make me reminisce about The Lawn Jockey POTUS's stammering ramblings. Warning! Do not operate heavy machinery after watching these.

But on a more serious side, here is a sober take-down of the "Fresh Face of the Dem Party" -- whose channel I recommend because he has done some of the best deconstructions of this girl -- and this includes Fox or The Whiny Hebe and other "commercial" sites.

I may be repeating this, but Occasional-Kotex defeated Crowley 16,000 to 12,000 in NY-14 -- a district that has regularly drawn 60,000 to 180,000 votes in November general elections. It is easy to see the Dems power brokers become disillusioned over their "Fresh Face" and slacken their help for her while supporting Crowley sub rosa.

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