January 5, 2018

Raining on Parades: Handling these insufferable 'Lifestyle' videos onYouTube

Well, I see where YouTube has gone all predatory and inflicted what they think is interesting on us. But before I continue this rant, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear: I am a codger, an old guy, and mean and surly when things aren't to my liking. I grumble, grouse, bitch, complain, and get really, really cranky. So don't wander into my world with your millennial, sucrose-infected "having my baby" bullshit. I won't tolerate it!

Runter von meinem Rasen, Schei├čkopf!

Verstehen sie?

Anyway, back to the bitch. So there's these insufferable millennials who post mewlings about their pathetic life on YouTube that show up in the Life Style category. These are supremely annoying because they override what I would prefer to watch. You know. Stuff about shooting or reloading or amateur radio or how the lying media is trying desperately to stay afloat after fusillades from the POTUS.

Important shit.

Not giggly little menstrual scrunts shouting about a new tampon or eye liner they've found or post college grads complaining because they actually have to work to earn their daily crust. Shit that I could could not give a..well..shit less about.

So to ameliorate my dislike for these -- since YouTube offers no other venue to vent -- I concoct what I call "I could give a fuck less" comments wherein I try to rain as much bleak and dark sentiment on the progenitors of these videos as I possibly can. I am sure a lot of folks will not see my comments but the vicarious thrill makes my own insignificant existence infinitely more bearable. Below are a couple of examples. I will not re-post these insufferably saccharine efforts on my blog. If you want,you can look them up.

Here is one that was especially delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed dripping venom on this!

And, yes, I am a real asshole!

..but I am a happy asshole!

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