December 27, 2017

Christmas Afterthought

Folksies, as the soft warm glow of the Yule log fades to ashes..

After Hanukah (or Channukah or something similar sounding to clearing one's throat) and Christmas, where the Poop insists that we throw open our borders to immigrants because they are like Jesus and Joseph wandering around the Holy Land looking for a place to stay, his hectoring being delivered from behind the 40-foot high walls of his cozy little city state in the midst of Italy, we are embarking on the bullshit pseudo-holiday of festive and joyous Kwaaaaa-ZZZZannnnnzaaaa (whatever) started by a felon and thug who apparently got tired of beating women with with clubs and electrical wires.

..wait a minute! A toaster? Were these women Pop Tarts?


Only 363 more days to go!

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