July 9, 2017

Styx on the Reality of Reality

I can hear everyone now, "There goes old War Planner; never had an original thought".

Well, I submit to you that -- outside of Adam and Eve or the man-ape who slew all the other man-apes at the waterhole with the thigh bone of a tapir -- no one on the face of the earth had an original thought (And even the man-ape had to touch the monolith first.) But folks like Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein, Fermi, Edison, and Weird Al Yankovic (the famed accordion player), stood on the shoulders of giants and midgets to get where they were.

But enough of going down that rabbit hole in defense of my questionable intellect.

Styx posits something very interesting here and it does address one of the more fascinating aspects of the current popular political scene. (Here I break from the main theme of Styx's video.) As we endured the reign of the Boy King and Lawn Jockey POTUS who received daily tongue baths from the adoring media (while on several occasions kicking them in the gonads), it became apparent that these modern day version of Emperor Tiberius's "little Fishes" gratefully covered for their idol, bestowing many favors upon him.
Emperor Tiberius (reigned A.D. 4 - 37) holds that dubious honor. According to his biographer Suetonius, in later life, Tiberius built himself a porn central on Capri. There, youngsters performed elaborate daisy-chains of sexual acts, the emperor by turns voyeur and participant. Even grosser activities took place in his bathing pools, where toddlers were trained to nibble and fellate him underwater. The old perv called them “his little fishes.”
But, as the possibility of a Trump victory began budding up in their garden and especially after the debacle of November 8th, stark terror set in and, thus far, we have been living in the grip of their panic. While the post-election antics can be described as backlash, one could describe the attacks on Trump, his followers, and ordinary, decent Americans as "front lash" consisting of skewing polls, false reporting (forerunner of FAKE NEWS), and the general sewing of disinformation.

Here Styx correctly takes down Kirsten Powers' deranged insistence on folks trading their anonymity for credibility in the eyes of..whom, Exactly? CNN?


They tracked down that errant Reddit author of the DJT body slamming the CNN logo and threatened him with doxxing if he didn't recant. While it may have been successful on the surface, does anyone believe this guy is truly remorseful? By extension, do these fools and their leash-holders in the parent companies or the government or other powerful entities in this world believe that, by obtaining the identities of perpetrators of this mischief and forcing them at sword point to change their opinions, that will change the underlying reality?

Oh really?

Maybe this is how you account for the skewed polls or those in the Washington, DC poli-press bubble, remember? You call up Mr and Mrs John Smith and ask them if they will vote for Hillary or the Looney Tune Donald Trump and you either get a hang-up or some respondents nervously clear their throats and mumble a raspy "yes". So you collate your data and go to press saying that Hillary will win because she's up by 50 points in flyover country. Remember how we dodged this last year?

Also, remember how after the debates, the Drudge and other insta-polls had the favorable landslide for Trump? Some of the MSM even shut off their version of those polls because "they did not reflect reality".

..but November eighth did?

You better get your pretty little head out of your ass, Ms Powers, or that shit will ruin your new permanent.


  1. The Washington and New York elite (which includes elite Republicans) have a circle-jerk that is still going on in which Hillary (or Jeb!) is president and the peasants did not revolt. CNN and MSNBC are places that they can go to feel good about themselves and their chances of bringing back the years of ObamaNation.

    Its interesting to watch.

  2. ..to which I reply [to them]:

    "Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which fills up first!"

    Been a long time since we were only separated by a table with adult beverages. I retire in October and will have time on my hands. How about you? Dying to catch up, I am.