January 20, 2017

Just GTFO, Asshole!

Well, it's finally over and The Lawn Jockey POTUS and his consort, Mikey Obama, are on the big silver bird heading out to Palm Springs for four weeks of golf before he returns to D.C. By the way, once this asshole's POTUS credentials expire, the call sign on any military aircraft carrying him is no longer Air Force One. It becomes something else like "Executive One" or something.

Frankly, I prefer "Excrement One"; so much more appropriate!

But, like that guest at your party who just won't take the hint, even after the clock ran out on The Lawn Jockey POTUS kept milking it for all it's worth with hugging, grasping, and hand clutching, and yet another speech at Andrews. They needed to get get ahook to get this guy off the stage just like on the old Vaudeville days.

Good riddance, asshole. Enjoy your time off! What are the odds that they fly him back on "Excrement One" when his rent runs out in the California desert?

Well, for those into memorabilia, Here's some snippets from Drudge on January 20th, 2017:

..a Date..no, an instant..I thought would never come!

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