January 3, 2014

Dog Bites Man

There is a roiling controversy over the manner in which Kim Jong-in's uncle was dispatched from this earth. A couple of posts over at Hot Air are wrestling with the veracity of the uncle becoming Alpo-on-the-hoof for a herd of hungry hounds:

If you’ve been on the Internet at all today, you’ve almost certainly seen the story claiming that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had his uncle executed last month by stripping him naked and feeding him to 120 hungry dogs. The story was first reported by a minor Hong Kong outlet on Dec. 12, was picked up by a Singaporean newspaper on Dec. 24 and since late Thursday has been sweeping through nearly every corner of the U.S. media. The only problem is that it’s probably – probably – not true.

Whether truth or not, this story becomes -- er -- delicious when juxtaposed to the rumors of President Stool Samples predilection for canine burgers. One of the more waggish observations:

Sorry, I just could not let sleeping dogs lie!


I'll be here all week. Try the veal and be sure to tip your waitresses.


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